Talk Your way to the Top!

Create an Attention-Grabbing Chiropractic Speech Title
By Larry Duboff, D.C.

When you choose the right speech title you will create more interest in your chiropractic presentations. This will help you to schedule more talks with ease, and increase the number of people who attend them. In addition, a great title for your speech enables you to deliver part of your important message before you speak. So here are two easy keys to develop an effective title.

The first key is to create a title that emphasizes the benefits of your presentation. Titles that only explain the features of your talk do not give potential audience members a good reason to hear you speak. When someone reads your title it must answer his or her question, “How will I benefit from this presentation?”

“How to… So you can…” titles are a great way to effectively answer this question. For example, when I tell the chiropractic story to people in the workplace, I use the title “How to Maximize Your Energy & Minimize Stress at Work.” The title boasts of benefits for potential listeners.

The next key is to choose exciting words. Your speech title needs to create a vivid image to elicit an emotional response. For instance, “Three Keys to Keeping Your Kids Happy, Healthy & Safe” grabs a parent’s attention and piques his or her curiosity. Be creative and be bold with the words you choose. However, avoid unnecessary words to keep your title concise.

Speaking to groups in your community is a great way to grow your practice. So use these keys to develop an exciting speech title. The right title will help open the door to your success as a chiropractic speaker and help you talk your way to the top! @ 10:25 am | Article ID: 980792707