Everything Affects Everything

Authored by Dr. Joe Strauss

More and more, the health fields are acknowledging the interrelationship of areas of health and human function that previously were thought to be unrelated.

In the field of psychology, researchers are finding that depression weakens bones, anxiety about eating can affect the menstrual cycle and stress can affect fertility. Whether these findings are actually true or not, they still underscore the fact that everything affects everything. We cannot be unhealthy mentally or emotionally and expect to be healthy physically. Conversely, we should expect our physical health to affect our emotional and mental well-being.

In a similar manner, we cannot expect what we put into our bodies in the form of medication to only affect one specific part. The entire body is affected by any drug that we take, regardless of its intended purpose. Those chemicals placed in the body in the form of caffeine and alcohol also affect our entire body. While everyone may not have experienced the wide-awake-in-the-middle-of-the-night, heart-racing effects of caffeine, we have all seen the numbness of thought and loss of reflexes and coordination brought on by too much alcohol.

There is an up side to all this. All those good things that we do to and for our bodies also affect us in every way. When school children eat a good balanced breakfast, it not only helps make their bodies stronger, it enables them to do better in their class work. When you exercise regularly, you are helping to improve the digestion, absorption, metabolism and utilization of the food that you eat. Exercise helps your respiratory system and your cardiovascular system but it also helps you to get the most from your sleep, which in turn affects your ability to handle stress which affects your cardiovascular system and digestion. Are you beginning to see the point? Nothing done to or for the body occurs in a void – anything relates to everything.

This principle is nowhere more obvious than in Chiropractic care. When a person undertakes Chiropractic care, for whatever reason, the adjustments have a profound and far-reaching effect upon the entire body. When the Chiropractor corrects a subluxation, the entire body is improved. Every system in the body functions at a higher level. The body has a greater potential to heal itself and resistance increases. Every aspect of one’s life is better because of one little adjustment.

How much better is the question. Frankly, we do not know. These things are not measurable. Granted, in some people drastic changes are noted. People’s bodies heal themselves where before they could not. Athletes show marked improvement in performance, children do better in school. But the major improvements are going to be imperceptible at the time, like eating an apple. You do not see the immediate effects of eating the apple but you know that the body is better for it. We may not see the immediate results of an adjustment but we know that chiropractic adjustments add to our health and for that reason we should be receiving them on a regular basis.

Thank you to Dr. Jeff Ptak for forwarding us this article.

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