Monday Morning Message — Why do we accept things…

By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

Why do we accept things that we don’t want in our lives?

I remember when Tony Robbins came on the scene many years ago and I bought his stuff like many of you did too. The message that became more clear to me than any other in his tapes is that we are often motivated by pain. When the pain of a situation gets greater than the accompanying payoff than we often change. So many times we know that the situations should be changed far before we do anything about it yet I’m thick and I have to wait for the pain instead of just give in and do it.

I’ve seen that in past associates. They want the practice to grow while they are there and sometimes they get stuck, very stuck. They seem to say they want it so bad but they aren’t doing what they would need to do to make the changes occur. Then something happens and the practice grows. Usually when it grows it doesn’t grow by just a few visits it grows exponentially. What changed? They changed. They hit that point. If they had to go into the office and see X amount of patients tomorrow instead of the amount of people that they desired to serve they would simply throw up. They get mad as hell and they aren’t going to take it anymore. They become passionate about keeping their word to me and to themselves and they finally do the things that they have to do for themselves to show the world that they are ready to serve more. Unfortunately that is what it takes to get them moving.

The change starts when we change what is acceptable to us. Sometimes we accept less than we think we would want because we have low self esteem and a low deserving factor. Sometimes we can’t visualize our lives the way would want them with the changes and some of us are just simply terrified of change.

Remember this is your life. No one else is doing it to you anymore (unless your still 5 years old maybe). Get together with your God and create the strength necessary to get what you want and then leave room for God’s plan in there and don’t get high expectations so that you can prove yourself a failure. Prove yourself a winner and express your passion for life and Chiropractic and have fun.

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