Adjusting Kids

By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

Monday Morning Message…

Adjusting Kids

Kids are so much fun to adjust – most of the time. They look forward to seeing you. The look forward to the unconditional love that we give them. They love the stickers and treats we give them. They love that feeling that they feel in the office they might not feel anywhere else. In my office they are special. Well to come to think of it everyone is special yet they feel the unspoken word even more. They feel how honored that we are that they allow us to adjust them.

When a child doesn’t want to get adjusted I don’t take it personal. I never push. When you push someone they push back. I encourage the parents to keep bringing them and after a while they decide that they want to do it too. At this point they feel that it is their idea.

I always warn them when they are sick that the adjustment might hurt a little that day because their body is in the middle of a battle and they are a little tender. I never lie to them and they grow to trust me. They look forward to getting adjusted.

Many of them remind their parents it is their day to go to the office because they are looking forward to it.

Almost every month I have the honor of adjusting a baby that is less than a month old. Most of their moms got adjusted through their pregnancies. I am a very wealthy woman.

When I am adjusting a child I can feel God looking down smiling at me. I smile back, it is the least I can do. I smile a lot.

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  1. There should be more content about kids getting adjusted by chiropractors. Kids today are on way too many meds.

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