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Some tips on what NOT to do to get your chiropractic website recognized.

Last week I was browsing some chiropractic websites (something I do frequently) and I came across a site I had not seen before. It was odd because I had just navigated away from one of my websites and I thought for a moment I was on some subpage inside of my site that I had forgotten about creating. The reason I thought that was because there was a photo of me (and a patient) at the top of the websites homepage.

Now, it’s flattering that someone wants to show off my photo, but in this case my head was cropped from the image so only my arms, hands, and the person I was checking were visible.

Los Angeles Chiropractor
Why would anyone want to remove my face from this photo?

Now, this would not be a big deal at all except for several factors. Let’s see… 1) The image is owned by copyright by planetc1, LLC 2) No permission was asked by either the San Diego Chiropractor or whoever put together their website. 3) The individual photographed signed an agreement to allow use of photos by planetc1, LLC and has not agreed to have her face on some chiropractors website homepage. 4) Myself, the woman in the photo, the photographer, and his girlfriend spent a whole afternoon taking photos, and it cost me a whole bunch of money. 5) it’s just plain rude to use someone else’s images without asking permission, placing a link to the original photo, or at least giving them credit.

OK, so this happens 1,000,000 times per day and perhaps there is little that can be done to stop it. I am not crazy about people stealing content from Planet Chiropractic and I’ve certainly seen worse than this. What bugs me is not so much the violation of copyright, but the fact that no one attempted to ask permission to use the photo. I get emails all the time from people wanting to reproduce stuff found on some website I own. The difference is they ask permission, link back to our homepage, promote our website, and say thank you when they do. I’m cool with that. In fact, I have hundreds of photos like this which are all high quality images and I’d happily share them with others.

I don’t know this chiropractor and I have not yet heard back from him regarding his chiropractic website. According to his website, he has offices in San Diego and La Jolla. Until I do, perhaps I’ll write a few dozen articles about chiropractic in San Diego and find some great chiropractors to feature on Planet Chiropractic who practice in the area. We’ll start with this San Diego Chiropractor and I’ll add more as I locate them.
I’ll update this post as I get more info. 😉