Homecoming – Monday Morning Message

By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

Giving Back

Just came back from Homecoming at Life. Lots of people are really working hard yet boy can they really use our help. Some people have lost confidence and aren’t sending students as they used to. That has been Life’s strongest point over the years. We always had a tremendous amount of referrals from the field. As Chiropractors we see how important referrals are to our practice. They are our life blood. I talk to many of my colleagues who tell me they are waiting to see what happens. They have jumped out of the game and onto the sidelines. Now is when they need us.

Not happy about some of the things you are hearing and you want things to be different? Well this is probably the best time in history to get involved and have input. Now is when they need us. If you are not willing to get involved with your referrals, time or money then I have got no more patience to listen to your complaints. Some of us are so used to warming up in the batters cage that we can’t recognize that it is our turn up at bat. Stop mourning over the past. Welcome to the present. I am impressed with the dedication of the students that stayed. I have never seen a group of more dedicated students in my whole career. They are “awake” because they realize at a very early stage of their career how important their decisions and dedication effects the school and chiropractic. I have seen many colleagues forget how important what they do in their practice and what they say are effecting the lives of millions today and tomorrow. Wake up. We have come so far. Let’s not win the battle and lose the war. Stand up for Chiropractic. Stand up for the truth.

Tell the truth in your office. Don’t reduce what we do into a form of therapy. We have a proud heritage. We have the ability to change the world by being an example of our philosophy. We are getting closer yet so many of our colleagues are straying. Remember the 100th monkey? I am the newly appointed Life University Alumni Rep. in charge of the recruiting effort. That is in the spirit that I write this message today. I know that Life is not the only school. I’m sure your Alma mater can use your support too if you prefer. I don’t mean to slight anyone with my message today. Not only do I ask you to get involved for the sake of the schools and the profession but because when we give we get back ten fold. As I teach, I learn. As I give, I am given to. As I open myself up to the vulnerabilities of life am I open to life. So many years Chiropractic has given me so much and for so many years I have given back and for all I have given, Chiropractic has always given me so much more.

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