Santana – Each Cell is Aware

By Dr. Syd Dhillon, Chiropractor

Does anyone remember the ‘rock band’ shirts that were so popular in the 80’s? My entire wardrobe of shirts seemed to be comprised, I’m ashamed to say, of Quiet Riot, Def Leppard, and Motley Crue shirts. Somewhere on these shirts was usually some type of quote professing them to be the loudest, the baddest, bunch of rockers you would ever hope to find.

The other day I took my nephew to a hockey game. As we were in line for some snacks, I noticed a young man wearing a rock shirt. On the back of the shirt it simply stated ‘Each cell is aware of its own Divinity.’ Carlos Santana was the author of this quote. I could not help but reflect on how much things have changed in the years since I finished high school. It was amazing to me that a rock star would write something so profound on his shirts.

What was even more amazing was that a rock star could sell shirts such as these to high schoolers’ so totally consumed with their reputation, yet most chiropractors are still too scared to talk about Innate Intelligence fearing that people will see them as ‘quacks.’

People are truly ready to hear the chiropractic truth. I recently just had someone ask me my opinion on why their seems to be so many popular books that focus on aspects of spiritual growth. My response was that perhaps now more than ever before, we need to embrace our spiritual self because for so long we’ve been moving so far from it. The drugs, we’ve been exposed to, pollutants in our air, the crap in the papers and on the TV… for so long we’ve been on a path that has led us so far astray from our true path, that now collectively we are looking for answers to help guide us to find our true selves, and our true purpose.

Whether or not we feel comfortable discussing it with our practice members or not, the simple truth is that the chiropractic adjustment process allows you to express the Divine Perfection within you more fully. It is not just about health and healing, it is about Life.

Principle #2 of the 33 principles states that ‘The full expression of the Innate Intelligence within us is the Chiropractic meaning of life.’ It is not just about health. There is so much more to chiropractic than simply allowing the body to heal properly. It’s about realizing your potential for life in every aspect, so that we may all experience 100% of the gift of life.

If Carlos Santana can boldly put this on a shirt and have high schoolers’ proudly show it off to their friends, it’s time that we proudly shared this message to the people that are sent to us in our offices. @ 6:38 am | Article ID: 1066052317