Chiropractic Care Increases Quality of Life For HIV/AIDS Patients

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

A recent article in Up & Coming Weekly Magazine suggests that chiropractic care can offer greater immune competence to people with HIV/AIDS, cancer, and other serious diseases.

According to clinical studies reported on in the article, chiropractic was shown to boost immune system function, help with secondary symptoms such as peripheral neuropathy, and provided reduction in stress. The article states that, “All of these are empowering HIV/AIDS patients to live a more positive quality of life. This in turn increases life expectancy.”

The article suggests success from several other clinical studies involving chiropractic and immune system function. A researcher involved in one study stated, “Chiropractic patients (in the study) had 200 percent greater immune competence than people who had not received chiropractic, and 400 percent greater immune competence than people with cancer or other serious disease.”

The article goes on to define a vertebral subluxation as being comprised of five components.
Spinal kinesiopathology – the inability to comfortably turn neck, hips, or back in every direction.
Neuropathophysiology – Impingement of nerves creating numbness, tingling, pain or pins and needles.
Myopathology – tight, spastic, weak, sore, and/or overly sensitive muscular responses.
Histopathology – swelling, tenderness, painful spots, and other soft tissue changes.
Pathophysiology – muscles, joints, ligaments, and organs show wear and tear and premature aging.

The article suggests that increasing ones quality of life and symbiotically decreasing stress plays a major part in life expectancy. The final sentence says it all… “If you aren’t under chiropractic, then you are not allowing your body to perform at 100 percent.”

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