Chiropractor Accepts PayPal For Visits

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

There are lots of ways that chiropractors collect payments from those receiving chiropractic care. Many chiropractor offices except credit cards, checks, and cash. Payment can come from insurance companies, attorneys offices, health-care savings accounts, and many other sources. I know chiropractors that even offer programs such as care-credit which allows consumers to finance amounts such as $4000 towards packages of chiropractic care. With all the methods of payments being accepted, I hadn’t heard nor seen any chiropractors using online payment processing services to pay for chiropractic adjustments, until now.

You may be familiar with the popular payment service known as PayPal. While the ginormous payment processing service is used for everything from purchasing Hannah Montana merchandise to paying monthly website subscription services, you’re less likely to find it being used for payments of health care services.

This morning, someone forwarded me the URL for a chiropractor’s website in Provo Utah that offered options for making payments for services online. I took a screenshot of the payment page with a cropped version appearing below.

out of office billing using PayPal

The website offers online payment options for times that no one is available in the office to accept payments. The payment page offers five ways for individuals to make payments. Payment options include $15 co-pay, $20 co-pay, $25 co-pay, $35 co-pay, and a cash payment of $40. I’m assuming the $40 cash visit is for a chiropractic adjustment. There were no descriptions on the page as to what payments were for.

I am not advocating the use of online payment processing for chiropractic websites, just passing along information of what’s being done on different sites. Something I can imagine being confusing, would be getting consumers to understand which of the five payment options to use. Someone may believe they have a $15 co-pay when they actually have a $20 co-pay or a $25 co-pay. That could potentially become an issue which I would assume is more easily handled face-to-face in a chiropractor’s office.

Online payment processing is certainly an option for those seeking to pay for health care, and I’d bet some websites and services offer multitier systems for processing varying amounts of payments, some may even provide insurance coded super bills for patient payment records. If I come across anything interesting, expect to see it in the news.

For those itching to make a payment to their local chiropractor, a number of offices prepared to serve you are listed here. Enjoy your adjustments! @ 10:00 am | Article ID: 1210093234