The Greatness Of Our Chiropractic Family

Last month I had the opportunity to spend some time with chiropractors that have all played various roles in the development of my philosophical belief system, my style of adjusting, and in an indirect (but very connected) way, the creation of Planet Chiropractic.

In a single 24 hour period I hugged, laughed, and broke bread with many of the people who have helped to shape my chiropractic life. Stepping away from my desk at Planet Chiropractic and heading for the airport, I was not aware of what would happen during the next 24 hours.

Reggie Gold, Gerry Clum, Patrick Gentempo Jr., Bob Hoffman, John Hofmann, Stu Warner, Terry Warner, Luis Ocon, Lina Ocon, Jim Sigafoose, Ron Oberstein, and Carl Cleveland III, just to name a few, were all a part of my day.

What may just appear as a list of well known chiropractic names to some, is actually much more than that to me.

Reggie Gold: I had been in school less than two weeks the day I saw this man standing in the lobby of my chiropractic college. Less than 45 minutes later, Reggie had affected major change in my life.

Drs. Irene and Reggie Gold

Ron Oberstein: Without knowing, Ron took the 4 hour drive one day up from his office in San Diego to come answer some of the many questions I had after Reggie had left.

Carl Cleveland III: Carl allowed me the freedom to express those questions out loud at his college, a courtesy unfortunately not provided to many chiropractic students worldwide today.

John Hofmann: February 1996, My first chiropractic event ever. ICA Philosophy weekend in Costa Mesa, California. I remember the event like it was yesterday. “Always remember to unlock the front door if you want to see more patients.”

Patrick Gentempo Jr: My classmates had said I was attending too many philosophy events so “unknowingly” I went to see Patrick speak. I walked in the door with a shotgun of chiropractic attitude. Patrick essentially handed me what was to become my first box of rounds in years of chiropractic ammunition.

Gerry Clum: I meet Gerry in Chicago for the first time. He told a chiropractic story that could bring anyone to tears. At a time when it seemed like everyone was against me, Gerry was there for support.

Jim Sigafoose: More than becoming my friend, Sig re-introduced me to someone I had not seen in a long time. Myself, and God.
Drs. Bob Hoffman and Patrick Gentempo Jr.
Bob Hoffman: I traveled 3000 miles to spend a day in Bob’s office. I watched a chiropractor be a healer, father, businessman, coach, and friend to many in a single day, without losing his balance.

Stu Warner & Terry Warner: Stu and Terry traveled 3000 miles to spend the day with me and some of my closest friends at school. At the time, I was already laying the groundwork for what was to become Planet Chiropractic. Stu made it easier by suggesting I focus on one thing.

Luis Ocon: If you could put love in a bottle they would call it “Luis.” It’s been just one life changing experience after another thanks to my friend Luis.

Lina Ocon: I met Lina in 1997. I listened to her basically say she was going to change her country by introducing chiropractic. Never underestimate the power of purpose and passion this person has.

In that same twenty four hours I found myself sitting in a chair in a hotel that I once sat in as a student talking chiropractic philosophy with Ian Grassam and Fred Barge till 4 am. What a fond memory. I then realized it was the same hotel in which Bobby Braile (then President of the ICA) surprised me with a chiropractic achievement award some years ago. Was this whole 24 hours a coincidence?
Dr. James Sigafoose and friends

I don’t think any of this is a coincidence. What about these people, how have their lives touched each other? And how about yourself? Have any of these people touched your life in the way that they have touched mine? Quite possibly, you have touched their lives in some way.

We have an incredible family in chiropractic. I think something important to reflect on is the fact that we are a family and that every action we take affects our brothers and sisters within that family.

We have a responsibility to one another, to be positive, to be supportive, to be nurturing, and to seek understanding of each others ideas and actions without prejudice.

Back at my desk, I wanted to let you know that I appreciate each and every one of you, thank you for being chiropractic!
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