Medical Doctor Seeks Career Change

On Sunday, the front page of the business section of the Los Angeles Times featured an article about a Medical Doctor looking for a career makeover. The headline read: “Career Make-Over – He Wants to Hang Up Stethoscope”.

The article talks about an individual who for the past 20 years has been practicing as an emergency-room physician and internist.

The doctor explains his dissatisfaction with his current profession and expresses the many stressful challenges he and his colleagues face. The doctor was quoted as saying “I fundamentally do not like what I do” and that “medicine had lost its allure for him.”

The fact that HMO’s, insurance, and changes in healthcare policy have resulted in a decrease of $100,000 per year in income also plays a role in his change of heart.

So where does the doctor want to go? He is hoping to get out of medicine and finance a move into marketing an herbal product to treat hangovers. What becomes discouraging to him is that the FDA would probably classify the herbal product as a drug because of its purported actions against alcohol toxicity, according to an FDA spokesman.

In a world where medical doctors and patients are moving away from medicine, and concerns of vaccination risks become headline news, where is the Chiropractor? Are we ready to serve our communities and to tell them the truth about their health and the source of that health? Are we pushing pills, powders and potions, or are we in this thing for a greater purpose? The choice is up to you.

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