Doctors using Google to diagnose disease

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. news staff

According to a recent study from some Australian researchers, doctors are doing google searches to find out what diseases their patients may have.

subluxationAccording to the study, which was reported online in the British Medical Journal, doctors googled common symptoms for conditions such as Paget-von Schrotter syndrome, Cushing’s syndrome, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, encephalitis and cirrhosis and compared the results to those found in medical journals.

As it turns out, Google got the results right 58 percent of the time (which is probably better than the results most medical doctors get). The doctors in the study felt sifting through all the data could be difficult for some (non doctors) and could present challenges in making a correct diagnosis, so don’t think that Google is going to replace medical doctors and various diagnostic tools such as stethoscopes and thermometers.

The researchers do believe that diagnostic searching is better suited for MDs rather than patients since they are more likely to know what to look for. But if you have the correct diagnoses, or at least a 58 percent shot, and direct access to big Pharma (your meds), who needs a medical doctor?

Let’s see, your sitting at your computer and you are experiencing some symptoms… itching, burning, painful urination… google that and you get?

To all those students getting ready to take their MCATs… Turns out you may not need that medical degree after all. Set yourself up a website (outside the USA) so you can sell drugs online. Do some google searches when people email you or visit your site with questions about what they might have. Pick a condition and then pick your poison. Get the meds mailed off to them and you are ready for the next patient.

Better be able to sell them for less than four dollars a bottle though, because Wal-Mart is planning to bring drugs to the nation and proces are falling. Hey Wal-Mart and Target (also discounting drugs), how about a Google Search Kiosk right next to the pharmacy? Make sure you keep those sanitary towel thingys nearby though, would not want to spread any infections.

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