Doctors say MMR jab is safe, Critics not so sure

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Several news reports today suggest that researchers have found no evidence that MMR or single measles vaccines are linked with autism or inflammatory bowel disease. Many of the reports however, fail to mention that parents and critics are still concerned and may still not be convinced.

According to one report from ITV news, the recent research has failed to end the controversy over the MMR vaccine. “Critics, including the National Autistic Society (NAS), said it would leave many parents’ questions unanswered.”

Critics of the vaccine have suggested that, “there is an urgent need to study these cases to establish what physiological and pathological mechanisms are occurring in these children if parents are to be reassured.” According to critics, the research that has been published has not adequately addressed the work of Dr. Andrew Wakefield, which first raised the question of link in 1998.

Tory MP Julie Kirkbride, who has refused to vaccinate her toddler with the combined measles, mumps and rubella jab, was also dismissive of the report. She said: “The medical establishment, backed by ministers, keeps on conducting the same survey on MMR and therefore it is no surprise that they keep coming to the same conclusion.”

According to other reports, the UK government and the medical establishment that are backing the triple vaccine have yet to produce a single clinical research study (all the studies to date including this recent one have relied on statistics) to back its safety. According to the same report, not a single child who has developed regressive autism and serious bowel disorders has been examined.

What you wont see on any major media website is the NEW evidence of the financial ties between the makers of the controversial MMR vaccine and experts charged with assessing its safety as uncovered by a Scotland on Sunday investigation. (link below)

Also, you won’t find mention that the MMR vaccine was introduced into the UK after a test period of only six weeks and there has never been any long-term studies carried out to check its safety record. The rate of autism in the UK has increased by 1500 since the time MMR was introduced and is now reportedly more common than most other childhood disorders put together. Parents want answers, not statistics. Doctors back MMR jab

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