Dentists Topple State Board

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I found this email from a group of dentists inspiring. This is the kind of thing chiropractors used to do. Maybe it is time to begin sending out some pink slips of our own.

Pink slips to the California Dental Board members for Dec. 31

Another Victory. The California Dental Board will be evacuated on Dec. 31 – Celebrate the end of the California Dental Board – Celebrate your own freedom to enjoy Mercury-free Dentistry -Help Consumers for Dental Choice win Round Two

Meet & Greet The Team That Made It Happen!

In the past two years, we changed dental regulation from being hostile to mercury-free dentistry to permitting it freely. And, on December 31st, to be replaced by an entirely new Board.

A dedicated team of grassroots activist, lawyers, public relations professionals, dentists, physicians, and other great folks made it happen. But Round Two is coming:
-The ADA, CDA & Dental Board are launching a campaign to promote mercury/amalgam
-Our new fight is to get Alternative dentists appointed to the new Board

Will we let them do it again? We are preparing immediately.

Guest Speakers: Charlie Brown, counsel for Consumers for Dental Choice. (This is his 18th trip to California in the past two years – to fight for us!) Anita Vazquez-Tibau, Consumer and Champion of the Cause. Come celebrate our victory!

Please help, we need your support. Contribute even if you can’t come!
Event hosted by George E. Schuchard III, DDS, Beverly Hills

Bravo to those activists in the dental world. We in chiropractic can learn from events such as these. @ 9:56 am | Article ID: 1003251404