Royal Palm Beach Chiropractor Airs Commercial on Local Fox Channel

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Providing chiropractic care to the residents of Lantana and West Palm Beach Florida for the past decade, Dr. Edwin Cordero of Cordero Family Chiropractic has recently opened an additional chiropractic office in Royal Palm Beach. The local Florida chiropractor began running television advertisements on a local Fox channel, which serves the the Lantana and Royal Palm Beach areas, and they’ve been showing to be successful.

Lantana chiropractor Dr. Edwin Cordero(photo: Chiropractor, Edwin Cordero, demonstrates a side posture adjustment in his Florida chiropractic office)

The video runs the traditional 30 seconds and it features Dr. Cordero talking about chiropractic and how his office is different from traditional medical care. “One of the ways that we differ is that we provide family care, preventative type of care, we do take care of that are sick and that are hurting, but our main goal is to educate those people on a preventative type of care.”

In the video Dr. Cordero talks about wanting to make a difference for people seeking chiropractic care and he displays a humble attitude wanting to serve every family in the community with quality chiropractic. Planet Chiropractic obtained a copy of the video which can be viewed here…

Dr. Edwin Cordero has authored a considerable amount of articles for Planet Chiropractic, many of them being in Spanish. Some of those educational articles include: Es La Quiropractica Un Arte, Paz Mental, Paz Espiritual y Paz Fisica, Es Mi Salud Mi Responsabilidad?, and Es El Quiropractico Un Terapista?.

Past articles (authored in English) by Dr. Cordero include: Is Money Your Master? and Learning the True Purpose of Serving Mankind.

Dr. Cordero is the epitome of a Service Minded chiropractor, speaking at schools when not in his office, volunteering care overseas, and even serving in Metro bus terminals, assisting the mayor of Panama City, Panama in organizing and providing free health care to everyone visiting the city.

For those seeking an excellent chiropractor with a huge heart, Dr. Cordero’s offices can be reached at (561) 533-3884 (Lantana Chiropractic) and (561) 795-3156 (Royal Palm Beach Chiropractic). @ 9:04 pm | Article ID: 1206504264