Learning the True Purpose of Serving Mankind

By Dr. Edwin Cordero

If you are not ready to die, then you are not ready to live. Make certain of your eternal destiny, then you will be free to really serve, devoting your life to what really counts, without fear of death. We need a purpose for living that goes beyond providing for our own physical needs. Whom can you serve or help? What is your purpose for living?

Selfish ambition can ruin a practice but genuine humility can built it. Being humble involves having a true perspective about ourselves. Considering others interest and needs as more important than our own, links us with God, who was a true example of humility. We should always have a servant’s attitude, serving out of love for God and for others, not out of guilt or fear, remember you can choose your attitude. You can approach life expecting to be served, or you can look for opportunities to serve others.

We shall develop an attitude of humility as we serve, even when we are not likely to get recognition for our efforts. Are you selfishly clinging to your rights, or are you willing to SERVE?

We never know how far reaching something we may say, think or do today will affect the lives of millions tomorrow. Doctors, get out of the way and serve God by serving mankind, only then will you be totally FREE. Remember that you can never out give the giver and your lives will then be truly blessed.

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Dr. Edwin Cordero practices in Lantana, FL

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