An Explanation of Chiropractic

(As practiced by Dr. Syd Dhillon)

There is Divine Perfection within each of us. It is the full expression of this Perfection within each of us that enables us to realize our individual potential for life.

The nervous system is the communication system between the brain and each and every cell of the body. The brain and spinal cord comprise the central nervous system. All messages between the brain and body must pass through this communication system. Messages that are unable to do so go unheard. The Perfection that governs each and every aspect of life is now no longer free to express Itself freely.

As a Chiropractor I locate and remove interference to the full expression of this Perfection. I do not diagnose, nor treat any condition. My focus is limited to ensuring the nervous system is clear of interference, and the Life Force free to carry out It’s work.

Stanford University did a study in 1998 that found that a Medical School education had a half-life of 4 years. Every 8 years, the education that the average medical Doctor receives is no longer valid. Last year hormone replacement therapy was the Medical treatment of choice for women going through menopause. This year, hormone replacement therapy is known to cause cancer and stroke! This is not an isolated incident. It is a natural by-product of changing science. Of an education that is 50% incorrect every 4 yrs. What about all the women who were on hormone replacement therapy for all those years?

Recently, I was asked if I could help a young child who was experiencing nosebleeds. My response was an emphatic ‘no.’ I do not take credit for God’s work. It is God’s perfection that allows healing to take place. I have far more faith in God’s Perfection than I do a bottle of pills (of any kind). I do know that this little boy would be much better off in all aspects of life if he were able to express 100% of the Perfection within his body.

The Divine Perfection that made you and I does not make mistakes. It takes care of things in a Perfect manner every single time. Each of us is an individual expression of God. When we were touched by God and given life, this gift stayed with us. It is the full expression of this Perfection within us that allows each and every one of us to realize our individual potential for life.

This is my only job as a Chiropractor. To ensure that each of us has the opportunity to live a life free of interference, and to fully express 100% of God’s gift to each of us. @ 8:27 am | Article ID: 1065713225