Service Minded Chiropractors

by Daria Belov

When it comes to discussing small business approaches, there is no argument that developing a service minded client strategy, can reap both short-term and long-term benefits. It’s easy to categorize a topic like this into a marketing pigeonhole, but there is a multitude of other reasons why businesses put such an emphasis on customer service. I reviewed a group of chiropractic articles featuring the topic of serving others, and I discovered more than the few motivational words of wisdom.

keep smiling Chiropractor, Sharon Gorman, talks about serving one chiropractic patient after another. In her article, she wrote about listening to a speaker at a chiropractic conference, and a message he shared of a morning daily prayer. It’s simple really, each morning he asks God to send him all the people he can help.

A super chiropractic assistant from Canada wonders if your office is Loving, Serving, Giving. She writes that each time a chiropractic adjustment is made something changes. She suggests that if all chiropractors (and their staff) served all people regardless of age, condition or financial ability to pay, this world would be a better place. Overflowing is how she described the results would be.

Dr. Edwin Cordero of Lantana, Florida speaks of True Purpose and serving mankind. He writes that selfish ambition can ruin a chiropractors practice but genuine humility can build it. He talks about being humble and developing a true perspective about ourselves. The Florida chiropractor suggests considering others interests and needs as more important than our own, and letting ones office flow by serving out of love for God and for others, not out of guilt or fear. On the attitude of service, Cordero writes You can approach life expecting to be served, or you can look for opportunities to serve others.

Reading through the archives, you begin to get the idea that these are people that love what they do. And they all are sharing the chiropractic love with others.

In the article, a chiropractor from South Lake Tahoe writes I love chiropractic because it is my path, my mission and my service to God. Chiropractic is my life. Another from New Jersey writes What I love most about TIC is its ability to assist people in re-membering who they truly are and allowing them to progressively express more of their essence.

There’s no doubt these folks share in an attitude of service. They served at Ground Zero, they serve local firefighters, they serve those doing time in prison, and as Ian Grassam said in his famous 1997 chiropractic talk, if you choose to be master you must be servant to all.

Some would call that Knowing the Know, like words from chiropractor, Mark Schulman. In an article where he reflects on his practice years, he writes I realize how totally blessed I have been. Serving my community through Chiropractic has allowed me to share and care my life.

And what about those receiving service? In some cases, 4 generations have been the recipients of chiropractic care. Like a Santa Monica chiropractor who received a letter from one of their office clientele. In it were the words… As of now, you have adjusted four generations of my family, including my mother, all three of my children, three of my four grandchildren, and of course myself. The best part is that you have adjusted not only our spines, but also our way of thinking about our bodies, health and life in general. I really thank you for that.

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