Knowing the Know

By Mark Schulman, D.C.

Recently I relocated my Chiropractic College diploma from the adjusting room to the reception area. A patient asked, “Doc do you know twenty five years ago today, you graduated?” I replied, “Wow,” imagining how the time has flown. The years rolled by with so many ups and downs, each a learning experience, allowing me to grow into who I am today.

As I sit and review my practice years, I realize how totally blessed I have been. Serving my community through Chiropractic has allowed me to share and care my life. The excitement of new patients and referrals… When Chiropractic chose me I knew it would be more then a vocation but a way of life. Friends and family made comments such as, “You want to be one of them!?!” and “That is not for you.” It is amazing how people try to run the lives of others, as if they know what is best. How very wrong the critical were. I did not let the outer world take control of me but always listened to the inner voice within. I believe that my two hands can heal more people then all technology combined. In fact I know that if I began adjusting patients on the bottom floor of the hospital and worked my way up to the top floor and back down to the bottom, many people would be healed, actually being able to get up and leave the hospital.

Becoming close to the people whom I serve is priceless. To be able to touch someone and have their life change is a miracle within itself. Understanding and knowing their inner qualities, strengths and weakness and watching them unfold without sickness and dis-ease is refreshing, as it confirms my mission and strengthens my vision.

The places I have gone and the opportunities I have been given amaze me time after time. My career as a Chiropractor has given me a life of which most only dream. Being a healer and a teacher through Chiropractic, I am able to advise patients in matters that can be so far from chiropractic, yet so close.

The more I learn about myself the closer I become to patients. My ability to be present with them allows the patient to reach their full healing potential. When you become one with the patient you transcend into a healing consciousness. The less I think, the more I am. Each day I grow in knowledge and knowing.

Patients come in all sizes and shapes, both wealthy and unfortunate, with or without social status, but always with sincerity and desperation. A patient is a patient regardless. When we speak from our soul to their soul healing takes place. Sometimes the healing is not obvious, but it is there.
When someone asks me if Chiropractic works I say, “I know it works, I know the know.”

When you know the know, you know it is right. Wisdom is expressive when it is used wisely. The beauty of life is the expression of knowing.
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