Chiropractic & Colic Babies

By Super CA Jackie

If you have a colic baby (aka infant colic), there is help on the way. Usually the first step is to change formulas and to try every brand on the market. When that doesn’t work, you are calling your pediatrician on a daily basis to say that your baby is still crying all day. All colic baby parents are told the same thing. Try Mylicon drops, run the vacuum, try a bouncy chair, car rides, chamomile tea, and when the doctor doesn’t know what else to say to the parents, then he will refer the baby to a gastroenterologist. That doctor may prescribe another medication. Will it cure colic? No! The medication may just cover up the symptom, but it will not correct the cause of why the baby has colic. It also may make the baby worse. Why would you drug your baby unnecessarily if there is an alternative method?

The alternative method to correct the colic symptom is to receive Chiropractic adjustments. Do note that Chiropractic doesn’t cure anything. What a Chiropractor does is align the spine and remove spinal nerve interference. I have spoken to many parents explaining why a newborn baby should be adjusted. A baby should start getting adjusted from birth for “wellness” care to stay healthy and keep their immune system functioning as close to 100% as possible to avoid illness and diseases. When I hear about a colic baby and suggest to the parents to seek Chiropractic care, that is when I get the famous look like I’m nuts. I explain to the parents that the first subluxation, which is one or more vertebral bones out of place putting pressure on the nerves, usually occurs during the birth process or even during pregnancy. Colic symptoms, for example, may occur if the subluxations are left uncorrected.

A Chiropractor will examine your baby’s spine, determine if Chiropractic can help and give a more detailed explanation of how Chiropractic works. Here’s a question parents usually ask, “Is my baby is going to get cracked?” No, Chiropractors do not crack anything. The “noise” you may hear is a gas released from the spine. As a matter of fact, when a Chiropractor adjusts the baby for the first time, the parents are not even aware that it happened. The baby is handed back into their arms, and they are told that the baby has been adjusted. Parents will then say, “That’s it?” Yes, a few gentle touches are all it takes to adjust a baby! You may be surprised that within a couple of weeks you will be giving your Chiropractor the biggest hug ever! Your baby will be content and smiling, instead of the tears running down his/her cheeks, from the pain and discomfort of being colic. It’s that simple!

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