Kris Allen Wins American Idol 2009

By Daria Belov

Kris Allen wins! Singer Kris Allen has been crowned the most recent American Idol winner, let the Kris Allen fans everywhere begin their celebrations! It’s been a crazy week for television in America, with Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson winning the Dancing with the Stars competition just last night, and now American Idol and its season finale. The Internet was ablaze today with speculation as to which finalist was going to win American Idol. Would it be Adam Lambert or Kris Allen (not spelled Chris Allen)? Why is there a fossilized dinosaur on Google’s home page, and how old is Rod Stewart exactly? These were the questions Americans were craving to find answers for.

Kris Allen wins American Idol Season 8 2009(photo: Kris Allen wins American Idol Season 8 — credit: Kris Allen Photos on Flickr)

Aside from chiropractor Dr. Mike Dorausch (who was rooting for Adam Lambert), everyone else in the chiropractic office was pretty excited to hear Kris Allen taking the crown as American Idol champion for season 8 of the American Idol series. He (40-year-old that Dr. Mike is) was more excited to see Gene Simmons from Kiss onstage. In case anyone’s wondering whether there’s a generational gap between awareness of famous musicians, a 26-year-old female in the office had no clue who Rod Stewart was. Hot legs Rod Stewart was born on January 10, 1945, making him currently 64 years old. She had no problem recognizing Carrie Underwood, Kris Allen or Adam Lambert. She even recognized American Idol bikini girl, Katrina Darrell. Apparently there’s tons of Katrina Darell bikini photos online.

There are far better resources than reading about American Idol winners on Planet Chiropractic, although we’re happy to bring you the news. For all the details on American Idol, I’d first suggest visiting the official American Idol homepage. On the website you’ll find American Idol iPhone apps, downloadable iTunes songs from season eight, American Idol tour video, and plenty of photos featuring Ryan Seacrest and the rest of the Idol gang.

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Here are news results for American Idol Winner 2009 and news results for Who Won American Idol 2009. We already covered the answer to that one, congratulations Kris Allen!

Oh, and that dinosaur looking thing you may have noticed today when searching Google, that was the “missing link“.

So that’s it America, the 2009 American Idol winner has been crowned, and American Idol Season 8 has finished successfully, what in the world are we going to watch on TV now? @ 10:06 pm | Article ID: 1242882404