Lifestyle can affect your life

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Can you imagine that? Health news services today are reporting on studies that have found most heart attacks are caused by an unhealthy lifestyle.

The studies have indicated that about ninety percent of those with severe heart conditions have one or more risk factors. Smoking, diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure are all risk factors that can lead to an unhealthy heart.

According to the studies and news reports, some 650,000 heart attacks per year could be avoided or delayed by decades if individuals would change their lifestyle habits. That means quitting smoking, reducing cholesterol and controlling hypertension and diabetes.

For some, the approach to avoiding heart attacks is going to be… taking drugs to quit smoking, taking drugs to reduce cholesterol, taking drugs to control hypertension, taking drugs to control diabetes. That’s a “treat the symptom” lifestyle. These same individuals may only minimally alter their eating habits, drinking habits, exercise habits, etc…

The studies suggest that both doctors and patients should be placing an even greater emphasis on prevention. That is going to require a shift in consciousness for many now unhealthy and potentially unhealthy people.

A change in lifestyle begins with a change in consciousness. We have to first change the way we think about our health before we will actually take the action steps necessary to make those changes. Researchers involved in the studies are suggesting that folks eliminate smoking, and get fit and trim.

Go hang out in your local chiropractors office. You’ll likely find the most progressive thinking people in your community hanging out there. They are thinking healthy and they are acting healthy. They are receiving chiropractic adjustments before symptoms arise, they are invloved in daily activites that renew their body and mind, and they are on a path of wellness. That’s a path that does not rely on drugs and surgeries to treat the effects of the above mentioned conditions.

Get fit, get going, get chiropractic!

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