Valentine’s Abundance in Ontario, Again

“Another Happy Valentines Day” commented one of the many volunteers at the Wiarton Salvation Army Food Bank after just under one ton of food was delivered to them Friday morning.

The 7th annual H.O.P.E. Day at the Wiarton Family Chiropractic Centre brought in a whopping 1,952 pounds of food for the Wiarton area Food Bank. “Our patients and wellness clients just keep amazing me” said Dr. Steven Silk as he gazed at the mountain of food in the reception area of the Brown Street facility prior to it being boxed up.

“I truly believe that the heart of any community is found in the small acts of kindness one person does for another” said Dr. Silk. “When a whole bunch of people each do a little, you end up with this” motioning to the boxes being loaded onto a trailer for transport to the food bank. “It is also a reflection of the spirit of the people who have made a choice to be healthier through chiropractic, for these people see a bigger picture for small-town Ontario.”

H.O.P.E (Helping Other People Eat) has brought in 13,000 pounds of food since being developed by Dr. Silk’s partner and wife, Dr. Raelynn Cancel, in 1996. “While we always look for ways of doing something for the community, I wish it wasn’t necessary” said Dr. Cancel in explaining the exchange of fees for food concept of the food drive. “But the need of a well-stocked food bank at this time of year is a reality that we can’t ignore.”

“We’d like to thank everyone who made a donation, no matter how big or how small, for each of you has done your part to make life a little easier for your fellow citizens” said Dr. Silk, “We’re proud to have you as members of our practice, and our town.”

For further information, contact Dr. Steven J. Silk (519) 534-1330

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Congratulations to Drs. Silk and Cancel for the dedication and commitment they have shown to their community and to chiropractic. It is a year to the day since we published an article of their food drive success in 2001. Remember, each of you has done your part to make life a little easier for your fellow citizens.
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