Transformation to Wholeness

By Sid L. Mouk, D.C.

Throughout the centuries, Healers have been revered by cultures all over this planet. We all seem to feel an awe and respect for those individuals who are able to assist us in facilitating a “transformation to wholeness” within ourselves. From the Medicine Men (and women) of the Native Americans to the Treateurs of the Louisiana Cajuns to the aboriginal Healers of Australia (so aptly described in the book A Mutant Message Down Under) to the present-day energy Healers of planet Earth, let’s offer tribute and thanks.

Healers come in every size, shape and color (Shirley MacClaine’s book Going Within brings this out very well). Healing has nothing to do with any certain type of healthcare provider or doctor. You can find wonderful Healers within all disciplines and you can also find some within all healthcare disciplines who don’t have a clue as to what healing is all about—and yet continue to put themselves out as “doctors” to the world. Healing comes from (through) the Healers themselves and not from any adjustment, treatment, or medicine they may give the patient. It’s the Healer who facilitates the healing process within the patient and not the physical treatment itself, no matter what kind of treatment it is or how skillfully that treatment may be administered.

Throughout the past centuries, Healers have stated over and over that they simply allow the healing energy of the universe to flow through them to the patient—that they take no active part in this miraculous process. They simply have the privilege of witnessing a miracle taking place in the patient. Fool’s Crow (a Native American shaman) stated that he simply became a “hollow bone” thus allowing the divine healing energies to flow through him. He also said that if he should ever begin to think it was he who was doing the healing, the flow of healing energy would stop instantly. So the Healer’s mission is simply to get out of the way and to become a “clear channel” allowing the healing energies of the universe to flow through him/her to the patient in need of healing. This involves several important learnings on the part of the Healer—especially learning to put his/her ego aside thus allowing the universal energies to flow without interference to the patient.

Throughout the centuries, there have been three basic principles used by all Healers that facilitate this free flow of healing energy:

Number one is always Unconditional Love. We’re speaking here of “Agape Love”—the love the Healer has for patients as brother beings who are worthy of all our love and caring (no matter what their external behavior or characteristics may be). Herein lies the essence of all healing, no matter who does the healing or how it’s done.

Number two involves the faith of the Healer in what he/she does and his/her ability to transfer that faith to the patient, thus opening up both the Healer and the patient to a “transformation to wholeness.”

Number three has to do with the ability of the Healer to be there in the moment (in the “now”) to facilitate the healing. Everything happens only in the “now” and Healers must be able to keep themselves in the present moment to allow the healing process to take place in the patient. Keeping themselves totally in present time also helps the patient remain in the moment to receive the healing energies being offered to them.

We can all be Healers, we can all open ourselves to the power of universal love, and we can all live a healthy vibrant life on this planet. It’s our birthright! It’s time for all DCs to become Healers (and not just “doctors”) and begin our own “Transformation to Wholeness” now… for our patients and for ourselves!!!

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