Wednesday Wraparound Advertising and Tips

By Daria Belov

Todays summary includes a review of ads, articles, tips about including photos, cautions involving e-mail spam and 419 phishing attempts, and some useful links to review when seeking more information regarding classified advertising and Planet Chiropractic.

For the past couple of months we’ve been featuring classified ad related news content that featured advertisements posted over a period of a few days. It’s been impressive to witness the number of new classifieds appearing on a daily basis. One may think an industry like the chiropractic profession would not have much need for classified advertising, but the continued daily use from both buyers and sellers has us thinking otherwise.

Chiropractic Practices for Sale - 577 listings - Connecticut Florida California A screenshot taken earlier today shows a current listing of 577 chiropractic businesses that are for sale, with most of those being listed in the United States. The practices for sale category has been very popular, especially when compared to categories like commercial products or computer software (like billing software for chiropractic offices).

The Associates category has also been a bustling place, with a current total of 440 job related advertisements listed. The category primarily features Associates available positions and Associates wanted positions.

One of the neatest tools available for those actively following classified ads is the classified RSS feed. Using RSS, you can get the latest classified ad notifications on your computer, or even your iPhone.

I posted regarding the ad space marketplace heating up, back in October of 2007, and I included reminders about being wary of potential fraud and scams. While there are numerous notifications throughout ad postings, e-mail communication, and help areas, regarding fraudulent practices, I feel we can never go over this topic enough. Scams and fraud are like e-mail spam, you can get great spam filters, and messages will still slip through. One ginormous way you can keep classified ad related e-mail spam down, is by never including your e-mail in the body of your advertising post. That way if somebody wants to contact you, they have to do so using the contact forms on the web site. And if you feel the e-mail you received is fraudulent, you’ll be able to quickly forward it on to our Web spam department.

This one’s a bit old now, but it’s a copy of an actual e-mail attempt on a classified ad scam. From what I’ve witnessed, these are almost never directed at practices for sale type postings, rather you’ll see spammers targeting those selling Nervo-Scopes, used tables, and other equipment.

For those following the Sunday and midweek summary posts, the formats have been changing slightly from late January, to how they appeared March 16th. The template, like that used on February 3, and February 6, will continue being reworked in order to provide the best possible summary of what’s new.

You may have noticed that there are various chiropractic photos appearing in related classified ad posts. There are opportunities provided for all those posting advertisements to include photographs and images when placing ads. It’s been shown that advertisements featuring photographs tend to receive more activity than those that don’t. If you’re selling your chiropractic office, why not include a small photo in your post, and then some more on your website? Same applies if you’re an associate seeking chiropractic employment. A nice cropped and sized professional looking photograph of yourself could help your information stand out from the rest.

In summary, don’t include your e-mail address in the content (body) of any posted advertisement. You’re simply inviting spam if you do so. Do include a photograph in your advertising post, whenever possible. Don’t miss out on the latest ads posted, subscribe to the classifieds RSS feed. Remember that we are very thankful for the many of you enjoying this service. We continue to work on its improvement. Many blessings! @ 9:13 pm | Article ID: 1205986434