Science Without Philosophy

By Kevin Marc Herson

“Science without philosophy has no conscience” – Albert Einstein

Philosophy is the core distinction of the Chiropractic profession, separating it from all other professions. An understanding of such is an essential component for the success of future Chiropractors, and the future of Chiropractic.

Far too many students lack an understanding of the fundamental principles of Chiropractic, hence they have no knowledge of why they do, what they do. Often times this leads to disappointment, since they fail to obtain the results misconstrued to them through the course of their “Chiropractic education.” Such in part is illustrated by the statistically high rate of failure amongst Chiropractic graduates when entering practice. These graduates begin to knock on the door of failure and eventually knock that door down, once they have done such, they continue on and knock down Chiropractic. “Chiropractic doesn’t work” they cry, and cry it out loud to everyone they encounter. They are too blind to see that it is not Chiropractic that has failed, but instead they the Chiropractor whom has failed.

Chiropractic always works; the Chiropractor however, does not always work. Why is it such that the Chiropractor does not always work, simply because he or she has no understanding of why they do, what they do. With this letter, on behalf of Chiropractic, I ask for your support. Please view the flyer (Chiropractic Schooling With Reggie), open your heart, and give to the gift of Chiropractic that has so many times, given to you.

Make Check Payable to: CLUB CHIROPRACTIC

Mail Check To:
Cleveland Chiropractic College-LA
590 N. Vermont Ave.
Los Angeles, CA, 90004

Donations must be received by: August 21st, 2001

The top five (5), dollar donations will be invited to attend a 5-star, round table dinner and discussion with Dr. Reggie. Courtesy and compliments of CLUB CHIROPRACTIC.

With all sincerity,
Chiropractically Yours,
Kevin Marc Herson
Club Chiropractic President (CCCLA) @ 5:43 am | Article ID: 995546587