What does “Shows Promise” really mean?

Kerry T. Kilpatrick, D.C., (Hon) F.I.C.A.

One of my pet peeves is the ubiquitous media stories that herald the newest drug that “shows promise” for sufferers of XYZ disease. You never hear the follow up story that says the drug actually “cures” anything because, as we all know, DRUGS CURE NOTHING!! The free press that medicine receives with their constant “shows promise” press releases are the main reason they keep up the scam of hopeful headlines that lack substance.

That may all change with the following article that just came out in the New England Journal of Medicine. If the media acts on the information in the article, there may be less coverage of the “shows promise” type of medical self promotion!

CNN.com Health: Media reports on medicines often lack accuracy, study says
“News reports in newspapers and television broadcasts often exaggerate the benefits of new medicines, ignore their risks and fail to disclose their costs, according to a study reported in the June 1 edition of the New England Journal of Medicine.”

The New England Journal of Medicine: Medical Journals and Medical Reporting
“There is substantial concern that coverage of medicine by the news media is of uneven quality and that it sometimes misleads as much as it informs.”

As an example, we ran a search on Planet Chiropractic “Outside-In” news for the term “shows promise” and here are some results found:

Estrogen, Vaccine Combination Holds Promise for MS
Prostate Cancer Vaccine Shows Promise
Researchers say radioactive antibodies show promise against cancer
New cancer approach shows promise
New cell transplant offers promise at reversing diabetes

Kerry T. Kilpatrick, D.C.
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