Chiropractic Office Holiday Spirit

Chiropractic Office Holiday Spirit
By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

December holidays can be a stressful time. Drivers are distracted, people are running all about town buying gifts, workers are handling longer hours than usual, and folks are generally stressed. As a Los Angeles doctor of chiropractic, I think we see that stress on the streets (and on the adjusting table) as much as any metro area chiropractor does. We do our best to make the holiday season bright and stress-free as possible. Having awesome weather in Los Angeles helps (no snow, ice and road salt on the ground) but it feels at times everyone’s rushing to LAX International Airport, on their way to see family, and perhaps getting their last chiropractic adjustment of the year.

Rather than run around like a chiropractor with his head cut off (it’s easier said than done), I try to make December calm, peaceful, and festive. Not crazy party festive, but “we appreciate the opportunity of serving you” festive. If we can put more joy in our adjustments, and make the office just a little bit brighter, adding greater calm to the community, our job will be done.

Chiropractic Christmas lights
Chiropractic Christmas Lights – Photo taken w/my Droid X Mobile Phone

Year after year, we’ve been adding more and more decorations to the office. This year we added a couple hundred feet of Christmas lighting (which forced us to have to run the air conditioning) strung around adjusting rooms and throughout the front office. We’ve had our now famous Chiropractic Christmas Tree getting set up over the Thanksgiving weekend, so that we start the December holiday season early, so that all patients visiting during the month can enjoy it.

Christmas Wallpaper Decorating
Christmas Wallpaper Decorating – Photo taken w/my iPhone

I anticipated lots of photos to be taken in the office this year, so instead of having the walls be yellow (see the Christmas tree photo article), we decided to cover the walls in holiday wrapping paper, and then ran strings of garland along the edges. It’s making for a much better photographic background, and it looks terrific with the glow of Christmas lights reflecting from the tree. It was an economical way to brighten up the front office. We used about $10 in holiday wrapping paper, and we applied it to the walls in a way that can be removed and reused next year (my attempt to be green after running all those lights).

Red Elf Rhinoceros Christmas
Red Elf Riding a Rhinoceros – Photo taken w/my iPhone

Putting the holiday wrapping paper on the wall behind the Christmas tree worked out so well we did it on other walls as well. In the photo shown above, we ran a role of colored Christmas lights wrapping paper across about 15 feet of wall, and then are using that wall to display holiday cards we receive from patients, and other chiropractors. My mom has been sending the office Annalee Elves every year since we’ve opened, and we now have quite a collection throughout the office.

Annalee Christmas Elf
Annalee Christmas Elf – Photo taken w/my Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi

We’ve nicked named the elf above, Oskar, he’s quite photogenic. When the Annalee elves are not making gifts for Santa, they are doing marketing for ADIO Chiropractic (thanks to those plastic chiropractic spines). Getting a chiropractic office ready for the holiday season takes preparation, some attention to detail, and you also have to plan a few days in the new year, for putting all the holiday decorations away. But the smiles on peoples faces has been well worth all the effort. Imagine a world where you can get people smiling and get them adjusted chiropracticly, that’s a happy place to live in.

So as the song goes, have a Holly Jolly Christmas. Don’t forget to slow things down a bit, share some appreciation, and enjoy this final month of the calendar year. May you and your loved ones be blessed, and find peace and joy in this month of December. Here’s to your holiday season being bright. @ 10:11 am | Article ID: 1291745519