Practical April Fools Day Pranks

By Daria Belov

April Fools Day 2009 (April 1) is nearly upon us and we’ve been planning around the office what the April Fools prank this year is going to be. You can just do the snakes in a jar routine, a good April Fools joke takes some careful consideration, in order to get the desired result. Our lost money prank from last year worked well, so feel free to use that one in your place of business, if you’ve come up with no ideas.

April Fools Day Pranks(photo: April Fools!)

In 2008, Dr. Dorausch put together a good guide on Preparing for April Fools Day Jokes. Much of the info is still relevant (aside from presidential election pranks) so be sure to check it out.

Thinking about potential pranks and jokes? Some may remember last years Project Virgle Space Program announced on April 1, by Google and the Founder of the Virgin Group. The entire stunt The Adventure of Many Lifetimes (the first permanent human colony on Mars) is still viewable online.

Putting together something like that could take lots of work, and sometimes you need a prank that can be put together quickly. Last years Chiropractors Assistant Discovers Thousands in Trash brought many laughs to a local chiropractors office, and it’s an easy fools prank to duplicate.

It’s very simple really, all you need is a paper bag, some scrap paper, and a pen to write the April Fools! note to place inside. The rest is all acting. Now, pulling off pranks in a place of business can be extremely tricky, no need to get yourself added to list of currently unemployed. Be sure to clear any pranks (kinda spoils the fun) with anyone in the office that may not take the joke so well (like your boss).

For the Lost Money April Fools Prank a bag was filled with paper and a note on top that read April Fools. When people came in for their visit the staff nonchalantly brought up the topic of finding all this money. Depending on the person being pranked, the story was modified, in hopes of peeking the persons interest. The goal was simple… get someone to open the bag.

Maybe not the prank you’re looking for, but it was easy to setup, repeat, and execute. Have a happy April, and be alert on Wednesday! @ 1:28 pm | Article ID: 1238444928