Yellow Pages Related Searches

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Last week when I posted Definitely Not the Yellow Pages I thought for sure I’d find dozens of previous articles I’d written regarding Yellow Pages and Advertising that I’d written over the past ten years. Much to my surprise, I didn’t locate many, but I did grab a screenshot of recent Yellow Page keyphrases and rounded up some archived YP posts.

yellow-pages-keyphrasesThe screenshot shows 14 related search terms all based off the search “Yellow.” These are the terms and brands people are seeking when performing search queries.

Position #8 is the straight keyword but all the rest are directly related to the industry, a good reminder that “yellow” is still on top of consumer mind share for local.

In August 2007, I conducted a traffic summary on 5 Yellow Pages Local Directory Websites, and at that time, at&t’s owned was getting the largest share of web traffic. I’m overdue to revisit all 5 sites and see where YP traffic stats are for 2009.

While it’s old news, the sale of an Online Local Search Phone Directory in September of 2007, has me wondering what such an asset would sell for in todays market. Is the recession affecting the selling of local directory domains either negatively or positively?

Chiropractors have long run ads in Yellow Pages, those days may be nearing their end, Chiropractic Yellow Pages December 2004 was amockup ad sent to my office by a sales rep. Nobody is delivering mock up YP advertisements to my office so far in 2009.

Being in a large metro, you’d maybe think YP ads would do real well, but that’s not always the case. Split Metro Yellow Page Advertising was something we visited in 2007, and I still think tracking calls is the best way to go.

I’m not crazy about the waste produced by all those bags of yellow pages either, and we’re at a point in the office where not even a single old copy is left lying around. In my opinion, there’s no point to, since we have online access for staff and patrons and many local search answers are just a click or two away.