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Chiropractic Yellow Pages December 2004

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I was throwing away some old files today when I came across some printing proofs I received from a yellow pages marketing company back in 2004. The advertisement was to appear in the alternative medicine and health practitioner category of the LA Westside Yellow Pages book. I believe the sales rep sent me four different advertisements, none of which I used. If I find a copy of the ad we did run, I’ll post a link here.

Here is a scan of the advertisement that was prepared…


Dr. Michael Dorausch

Licensed / Board Certified
Sports Injury • Auto Accidents • Sciatica
Personal Injury • Back And Neck Pain • Prenatal Care
Headaches • Hip Pain • Migraines • X Rays • Free Parking

I think what happens to a lot of chiropractors is they end up running the advertisements that sales representatives create for them. It’s easy and doesn’t require any creative input. This ad was made with no input from me and I believe it was a smattering of advertisements seen for chiropractors in other cities and information off of my website. That’s a generic photograph in the ad, something I wouldn’t recommend. The address was wonky, since we’re technically not located in Culver City or Marina del Rey. Actually, looking at it now, I noticed it wasn’t even complete. The office is located in Los Angeles, California. (Marina del Rey and Culver City happen to be within blocks of our location).

Being in a large metro area like Los Angeles, there were four major yellow page books distributed by different companies. On top of that there were a dozens local directories maintained by smaller operations. In 2006 we had advertisements running in nearly every major yellow page book. That dropped to about half in 2007 and even less in 2008. As of 2009, we are completely out of all forms of print advertising in the Los Angeles area. It feels good.

I mentioned yellow pages in my 2007 post on advertising dollars for 2008 and I talked about split Metro advertising also in 2007.  Anybody that’s been in small business long enough, has been targeted by yellow page and Internet directory scams, I’d still advise small business owners be on the lookout for fraudulent activity not only online, but off-line in the print world as well.


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  1. If you are looking for scams you need to aware of Superpages and these services have locked my clients into long term contracts for no reason and make it very difficult to get out. Also the click reports are very very questionable as I see no evidence of any traffic coming from these vendors in Google Analytics data.

    Stick to linking strategies, Adwords and Yahoo search. City Search is OK but never use their PPC product.

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