April 1 Conflicker Worm Conficker Virus Threat

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

April Fools Day is perfect for unleashing a nasty computer worm payload on your PC, and it’s no joke. First discovered in October 2008, a computer worm, referred to by some as a computer virus, is set to strike on April 1, and it has created quite a concerned buzz on the Internet.

Antivirus Software to keep PC Computers SafeDepending on the source, the virus is being referred to as the Conflicker or Conficker worm, and it’s also being searched as a Microsoft virus, since it’s designed to infect PCs running Microsoft Windows.

The conflicker worm is expected to unleash its payload on April 1 and from what I’ve researched, experts aren’t in full agreement as to what the worm’s intentions are. Antivirus software manufacturers are recommending people visit their websites for free anti-virus downloads, conflicker patches or even a conficker removal tool.

Again, the worm virus is expected to strike operating systems running Microsoft Windows on April 1, but it’s no April Fools’ Day joke, as the execution of code from a remote location potentially allows hackers and the creators of the april fools computer virus to access computers that are infected. To make matters worse, the virus can spread to other computers on a home-based network or business based network, and it has the ability to attach itself to portable memory devices like USB memory sticks or flash drives.

Today would be a great day to back up your critical PC data, if you’re not already doing so regularly, just to be on the safe side.

One of the easiest ways to know if you’re PC is infected with the conflicker worm is to visit a major antivirus software web site like mcafee.com, symantec.com, or the Norton Antivirus site.

If you cannot access any of the above websites, there’s a possibility that your computer may be infected with the conflicker worm already. The april 1st virus conficker worm reportedly blocks Microsoft updates as well. It’s a good idea to check settings on automatic updates and be sure your system patches and upgrades are all up to date.

Visit any of the major antivirus maker websites and download a free conflicker detection tool or removal tool to patch your Windows system. I find AVG Free is a great free antivirus download to keep your PC running clean of spyware and viruses. Chances are though you already have some form of antivirus software installed so be sure to check that it’s up to date and properly patched.

Visit microsoft.com/security as well as the Conficker computer worm security page for additional details.

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