Some of the Fringe Benefits of Participation

By Daria Belov

Earlier today chiropractor Michael Dorausch posted a chiropractic blog piece regarding simple and effective ad placement for those using the classified ad system on Planet Chiropractic. The post highlighted something a chiropractor was doing right when placing an employment wanted ad for their office. Dr. Dorausch spoke about information he called “granular” and stressed the importance of using local (and even hyper local) information in ad postings. After viewing the post, I noticed some hidden benefits of participation.

The advertisement being highlighted in the post is going to receive much more attention than the chiropractor may have anticipated. There’s a possibility the information may even come in handy for someone seeking chiropractic care in the North Park area of downtown San Diego. Reading the post I was reminded that it was only earlier this month when the chiropractors post was made, allowing chiropractors from across the planet to post their office information among the comments, and receive an opportunity to have a featured article written about their practice. That’s a nice fringe benefit.

chiropractor laying hands on sacral spineAs of today, that particular post has more than 65 responses from chiropractors in areas such as Lancaster California, Bolingbrook Illinois, Weatherford Texas, Huntington Beach California, Tustin California, Seattle Washington, Lima Peru, Lantana Florida, San Clemente California, Manhattan Beach California, Sacramento California, Provo Utah, West Virginia, Encinitas California, Cincinnati Ohio, Connecticut, Palm Beach Florida, Union New Jersey, Melbourne Australia, Newmarket Ontario, and the number of other locations throughout the US, Canada, and other countries.

The articles will feature male chiropractors, female chiropractors, chiropractors that have been in practice more than two decades, chiropractic offices open less than two months, chiropractors that grew up receiving care from their parents, graduates of Palmer, Life University, CCCLA, and other chiropractic colleges.

So what kinds of fringe benefits are available? While there are no guarantees, little steps like community participation can sometimes result in a top story in the press. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time. @ 9:21 pm | Article ID: 1212121331