Worlds Most Awesome Chiropractor

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Who is the world’s most awesome chiropractor? If you’re a doctor of chiropractic, hopefully you’re telling yourself that the world’s most awesome remover of subluxation interference is you. For if you exude that in your presence of being, non-chiropractors are more likely to refer to you as the world’s most awesome chiropractor, when asked their opinion. Today’s great chiropractors aren’t born, they are made. They dedicate their lives to serving chiropractic patients, serving the chiropractic community, and serving mankind simply for the sake of serving. Great chiropractors set goals and they work on accomplishing those goals daily. Days ago, I received a letter in the mail from a great chiropractor, Dr. Fred Scofield, which contained a list of goals I had set for 2010.

Worlds Most Awesome Chiropractor
World’s Most Awesome Chiropractor
Goal Setting, is something chiropractor Fred Scofield has been teaching for years, and it’s a process any successful individual will tell you they work on regularly. Without goals, how do we measure our performance, how do we assess our weaknesses, how we move forward in life? The late Ian Grassam often talked about leadership and greatness in chiropractic, with statements like… “What is the price of greatness in your world? Or, worse than that, are you willing to live without greatness? Will you acquiesce to mediocrity? No one will know whether you have been here or not.”

In my case, the opening of the envelope confirmed things I have thought about (and actions I failed to take) throughout 2010. In areas of fitness, my 2010 goals were well accomplished, much part in thanks to the 25 hour work week I have in chiropractic practice (plus living at the beach), allowing me to enjoy my passion of long distance running.

Office related achievements were good, but not great, with some areas of 2010 being in our “best ever” categories, and other accomplishments not even initiated, due in large to procrastination. We all know procrastination can be a killer in any category, burrowing into our minds, and paralyzing our actions. Reviewing what was written on paper to be done in 2010, I can surely tell you, that I have nobody but myself to blame for the inaction.

What’s the point of making goals if you’re not going to act on them? I’ve asked myself that question before, but I’ve also been writing goals to paper each December, since 1983. Something I’ve learned along the way is that insanity (the process of doing things over and over again, each time expecting a different result) doesn’t quite make its grip, and those goals are revised for the next year’s list, providing the opportunity to continue moving forward into a fresh year.

What’s on your 2011 goal list? Will you walk on fire? Will you see 100 a day (or 500 a day)? We’ll you become a chiropractic college president? Will you serve your community?

Whether your goal is to be the world’s most awesome chiropractor, the world’s most terrific dad, the world’s greatest spouse, planet earths greatest schoolteacher, or a hard-working chiropractic student, there’s still time to lay out plans for the year ahead. Don’t let 2011 began without putting to writing at least one thing you intend to accomplish in the new year. New Year’s resolutions are overrated, but yearly goal setting with commitment and discipline to accomplishing those goals, is one of the world’s most underrated activities. @ 2:32 pm | Article ID: 1292193175