Halloween Mischief and The Office

By Daria Belov

Tomorrow is Halloween and hopefully your chiropractor won’t be wearing any of these five dangerous choices of Halloween costumes. And by the way doctors, being lazy and pulling out your old clinic stethoscope and dressing like a nutty surgeon or MD, is probably a bad choice as well. For those that practice on Friday, hope you’re planning to have some good fun on the 31st.

Dr. Michael Dorausch first mentioned his tips on Halloween costumes for chiropractors back in 2006, and the link above has an updated version which includes some photographs for those of you that didn’t know who Michael Myers or Freddy Krueger was.

Not all chiropractors participate in Halloween activities and even less offices decorate their chiropractic businesses during the week of Halloween. For those that do, here are some Halloween decorating tips from the past and present.

Last year, Santa Monica chiropractor, Dr. Ken Gee Ehrlich, had a pumpkin decorating contest at his chiropractic office. They had a stereo system for a first-place prize and gave away lots of other cool stuff. Dr. Ken Gee said the office purchased about 50 mini pumpkins and let patients take them home to be decorated. You can see the winning pumpkin from 2007 here.

While many chiropractic offices limit the amount of candy being given out, Dr. Michael Dorausch of ADIO Chiropractic in Los Angeles has held contests, with and without candy, for several years. The photo below shows a 2006 Guess How Many contest held in the office, which included prizes such as iPods, digital cameras, and DVD players. Ironically, the daughter of a local dentist, won more than a thousand pieces of candy one year.

guess how many candies Halloween contest

In 2007 Dr. Dorausch says the office decided not to go with Halloween candy and instead did treats like pretzels and other less unhealthy items. This year to the office offered up a selection of items for people to choose from. While there is candy in a jar, there is none being giving away for a Halloween contests. The pretzels are back and patients report they make a great snack.

Like Dr. Rick Wren mentioned back in 2000, this year the office is taking photos of little goblins, princesses, ghouls, and pirates, that want to show off their costumes. Photos will be voted on and prizes will be awarded.

While it may be a little bit late for planning, chiropractic offices can join the festivities with Halloween style sign in sheets (there’s lots of free Halloween clipart throughout the Web), Halloween coloring pages for kids, Halloween cookies and muffins (if you’re okay with the sugary stuff in your health-care facility), and of course trick or treat candy.

If you are hosting Halloween festivities in your chiropractic place of healing, take some photos and send them to us, we’d love to share them in a November Halloween wrap up. Have a safe and festive Friday everyone!

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