5 dangerous choices of chiropractor Halloween costumes

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Depending on the chiropractor, chances are they’ll show up in the office this Halloween Friday in some sort of Halloween costume. I know that my staff will be dressing up, and I’ll probably be taking advantage of the Friday opportunity to dress casual, showing up as a surfer, or something else easy and comfortable to wear in the office.

I’ve joked before about Halloween costumes that wouldn’t be a good idea for chiropractors to wear, and I thought I’d expand on that list with some photos. Leave now if you lack a sense of humor.

Here’s my list of five Halloween costumes that probably wouldn’t be well-suited for chiropractic practitioners…

1) Edward Scissorhands

Unless the only thing your chiropractor is doing on Halloween is shredding old patient files, the Edward Scissorhands costume is probably not the best choice.

2) Freddy Krueger (photo courtesy costumzee)

Aside from scaring the heck out of the majority of people visiting someone’s chiropractic office, my instinct says having six-inch long razor blade fingernails while palpating someone’s back, is not too smart.

3) Michael Myers – Halloween (photo courtesy buycostumes.com)

Hey, the jumpsuit is a nice idea for casual Friday, but the ginormous kitchen knife is probably a comfort killer for anyone coming in to receive a relaxing spinal adjustment. Kind of difficult to comfortably lay face down when you know someone’s got a big blade in their left hand. Gives new meaning to the often heard complaint “doc I’ve got this knifelike pain in my shoulder blade.”

4) Captain Hook (image courtesy buycostumes.com)

This one isn’t so scary as the others and the one bonus is that stainless steel hook could be used to remove that massive blade stabbed into the spine by Mr. Myers. Other than that, not too functional to go about correcting spinal subluxations with a hook for a hand.

5) Wolverine (from X-Men)

This costume wouldn’t be too hard to pull off. Find yourself a jean jacket, flannel shirt, old motorcycle jacket pair of jeans, big belt buckle, oh and six razor-sharp retracting claws, and you could pretty much have this costume mastered. For pretty much the same reasons as those mentioned above; razor-sharp hands, claws, butcher knives, and scissors, are probably not the best among choices for chiropractor Halloween costumes. Something soft and cuddly like the Easter Bunny would be a better choice.

Thanks to Susan Esparza, Jennifer Kushell, and Carrie Hill for costume idea input.

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  1. Our doctors have taken your advice. Fred Flintstone (AKA Dr. Ted Magnuson) and Barney Rubble (AKA Dr. Richard Roth) have changed jobs… Instead of breaking rocks they are now delicately relieving patients of their headaches and back pains. Who would imagine Fred and Barney being recognized as healers in the Lancaster/Palmdale area….

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