Chiropractic For Long Distance Running

By Daria Belov

There is a marathon taking place this weekend in the city of San Francisco, and as is the case for nearly all marathons in the United States, chiropractors will have played a role in preparing runners for optimal race performance.

marathon running requires consistency and discipline in trainingThe average marathon runner will take over 21,000 steps to complete a race. With each driving stride, a vibration with a force of three times the athletes’ body weight will shock the runner. It’s no wonder the world’s elite runners seek doctors of chiropractic as part of their training. Running some 200 miles a week, tends to break the human machine down. By gently realigning the bones, chiropractors minimize down time and help them win races.

Denver chiropractor, Dr. Steven Visentin, has been helping athletes for over 26 years. He’s helped many weekend warriors, and a few world champions recover from injury quickly and get back to their sport. Recently, he provided support for participants in Denver’s “Colfax Marathon” He’s also well known in the local Ethiopian community who are fanatical about marathon running.

What makes his clinic unique is the care he provides to the feet, knees, and hips. Many people are surprised to learn that chiropractors while famous for helping people with back and neck problems, also do wonders with leg injuries. Dr. V. points out that “with every stride a runner takes, there is an exquisite coordinated movement that must be perfectly aligned and done repeatedly thousands and thousands of times for them to compete and win.” He explains, “Look at the Ethiopian runners in particular. Notice how high their knees rise with every step? From a chiropractic perspective, it’s obvious why they’re the best. They have developed a balanced efficient movement and have the stamina to maintain it. I help runners by fine tuning their strides.”

An informal survey of Olympic athletes showed doctors of chiropractic to be the most popular of all health care providers. These super performers know that part of training ‘smart’ means maintaining an alignment that is absolutely necessary for high performance. There is a growing body of scientific research that proves chiropractic helps athletic agility, balance, reaction time, and power.

Runners stand to benefit the most from chiropractic because of the grueling nature of the sport and it’s potentially detrimental affects on the joints of the foot, knees, and hips. Just like tires can wear out quickly on a poorly aligned front end, the human body breaks down when it’s out of alignment. When this happens, it is called arthritis and can become permanent without care.

In preparation for this weekend’s SF marathon, chiropractor Scott Swanson in San Francisco, has posted video on Kinesiotaping and long-distance runner complaints like Patellar Tracking Disorder.

If you love to run and want to keep running, make sure your body is in good alignment so you can enjoy yourself for many years to come. Visit a chiropractor. @ 9:29 am | Article ID: 1248366618