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Provided by Rob Sinnott, D.C., LCP (Hon) and Norris A. Erickson, D.C., LCP (Hon)

The following is my understanding of the circumstances that we find ourselves in today. The dirt on the Canada situation is not new by any means. This is another example of what happened when the ACA powers changed the term specific Chiropractic Adjustment to manipulation in the 1970’s.

Chiropractic is now viewed legally as a type of therapy, not a profession (separate and distinct). Had they left their dirty little fingers out of the ICA legislation in the 1970’s the “HCFA suit” would be unnecessary. Since manipulation ‘belongs’ to no one group they now want everyone’s money to fix the problem they caused. This type of suit is not as expensive as they want you all to believe. This is why the collecting continues. Fill the pockets of the group that caused so many of the problems WE now have to collectively fix.

The Canadian situation is, according to the ACA President at a recent Lyceum debate, not their issue as it is not a USA issue. They also claimed to have no influence used in state issues at the same debate. During this time their membership in Florida changed the Chiropractors to chiropractic medicine. Also, their ACA Representative in Rhode Island pushed legislation and got the same designation (denigration) in Rhode Island. Was he even censured by the ACA as he turned Chiropractic medical? Are you kidding? Of course not!

Has the ACA worked to help the profession return from these medical departures? Nope. The ICA has been funding an effort to fight this problem in Canada for several years UNILATERALLY from the USA! I would not be surprised to see the ACA yet again slide in at the end to take credit for THEIR hard fought victory in Canada. This is the tactic they used in the ICA suit–WILK v. AMA.

George McAndrews was interviewed and hired by the ICA, not the ACA. The ACA joined the suit late, long after they were invited. To this day very few remember the details well enough to see through the smoke screen. My question is, “Was it worth it?” Was it worth snuggling up to the medical profession to gain their ‘acceptance’? What a victory that has been! We now have a few studies that state manipulation (not necessarily Chiropractor induced) is sometimes good for low back pains and the medical jury isn’t in yet on headaches or neck pain. Oh! Thank you, thank you! Smooch, smooch! Isn’t this wonderful!

We better wake up and SOON! The PTs bring in over $45,000,000.00 each and every year in dues alone! Chiropractic groups can’t match this in ten years! Our goodwill for the first sixty years of the profession has little momentum left. They are coming to get some of that good manipulation for their very own. Who will stop them? ‘But if we tell them to stop the MDs won’t like us anymore.’ Big deal! They don’t really like us now. The wonderful full page ad in the Wall Street Journal denying Chiropractic care for children and apologizing to keep their ‘acceptance’. Now they are starting a Pediatric Diplomate Program. Get serious. Who will teach it? As for Canada, if I were them I would be very careful of who I ask for help. They might get more than they bargain for. @ 9:16 am | Article ID: 1014138962