Immunization Politics

From PROVE (Parents Requesting Open Vaccine Education) comes an article titled, “The Democratic National Committee Takes Immunization Politics to an All Time Low”

From the article:
Brace yourselves for a juvenile, irresponsible, and unacceptable display of partisan politics. The Democratic National Committee (DNC) is warning people not to travel to Texas for fear of ill-health based on a surveillance number of toddler immunization rates taken completely out of context.

What is so unfortunate here is that the Democratic National Committee’s exploitation of children’s health using unfounded fear and misrepresentations for political motives undermines the advances of our movement advocating the basic human right to informed consent to vaccination for ourselves and our children. Children across the country are being needlessly injured by known vaccine reactions that are not disclosed to the parent as possible prior to vaccination.

Parental involvement with the Texas legislature made Texas the first state to reject participation in a National Vaccine Tracking System. The National Vaccine Tracking system is merely the foundation for the computerization and tracking of all our personal medical records by the federal government to seed a dangerous nationalized health care plan. Additionally, Texas was the first state to respect the right to medical privacy concerning immunization records by requiring written parental consent in order for a child to be included in a statewide immunization tracking system (a law signed by Governor Bush).

Here are two online articles on the topic:

Houston Chronicle Austin Bureau: Dems’ ‘warning’ called insult to all Texans

“Using the familiar tone of an emergency broadcast, the Democratic National Committee posted an Internet warning Friday against traveling to Texas, claiming Houston’s low childhood immunization rate makes the state unhealthy for potential visitors.”

This is a must read:
DNC: Travel Advisory Warning Into Immediate Effect

From the article which was “paid for and authorized by the Democratic National Committee”
“Where’s Governor George W. Bush while Texans, mainly children, are not receiving the most basic health services? How could he let this happen? He seems to be spending a great deal of time traveling around the country championing the causes of his special interest friends. Are they more important than Texas children?”

Planet Chiropractic note: Governor George W. Bush has publicly endorsed Kids Day America/International, a worldwide children’s health and safety program featuring the most basic of children’s health services… chiropractic care. @ 8:25 am | Article ID: 963242709