What the world needs now

By Dr. Stew Bittman

Hello, you awesome warriors, and happy spring. In these parts, March came in and went out like a lamb, and now it’s been dumping snow ever since the clock struck April. Such is life in this world run by the Great Mystery. When I last wrote to you all, I had embarked on the long-awaited (by me, anyway) project of writing a book. Well, it’s done, and it was an incredibly Innate-driven project, thank God. After years of trepidation and self-doubt and multitudinous whining about the impossibility of the task, I finally surrendered and it all got done in a matter of 2 months. Thru the process I have been reminded once again of the unlimited ability we all possess to express our gifts when we simply set an intention, sprinkle in a pinch or two of focus, stir in some energy, and then let Innate cook it into existence. I have realized, too, that I often remember and acknowledge Innate within my practice folks, and often forget It in me. No matter how many times I have experienced the magic of remembering, I still tend to think I run the show. The poop that invariably results continually reminds me of where my Power lies. And while I continue to turn on the Power in others, I need to allow the Power to flow thru me with as little interference as possible. That way I have my maximum impact on the world.

Speaking of the world, it certainly could use a bit of impact from the principled sector of its occupants. But there’s a catch. And it’s all in my head. Such is the nature of my brain that when things “out there” become increasingly chaotic and ugly and scary, it tends to become increasingly hopeless and withdrawn and powerless. Then it can join in with the rest of its brethren, engaging in the truly useless activities of complaining, whining, and blaming everyone and everything. At that point I no longer want to run the show, or even to have a bit part in the show. Unfortunately, however, I am part of the show, and at these times it is my true Power that must emerge. Can It really help to change things? Can It really fly in the faces of war and unconsciousness and even HIPAA? Well, to those questions I simply quote Jimi Hendrix and say, “with the power of love, anything is possible.”

What the world needs now is love. And since God is love, and since Innate is my personification of God, and since I am Innate, then what the world needs now is me. It needs my courage, my faith, my ability to be a warrior for peace and truth. It needs me to express my highest Self. It needs me to actualize my love by serving the rest of creation with my gifts. This is precisely what everyone who has ever made a positive impact on the world has done. Recently I saw the movie, “Gandhi” for the first time. What he accomplished still seems impossible. But he did it, and was loved and revered even by his enemies, because he was a clean, hollow bone thru which God spoke and acted. He became the change he intended to see in the world. Four hundred million people stood behind him, simply because they could not withstand the power of love. And each of us could emulate that, without even wearing a diaper!

Better yet, we have something that Gandhi didn’t have, and perhaps needed (the ink wasn’t even dry on documents proclaiming independence from Britain before the fighting began between Muslims and Hindus that still continues today). We have the chiropractic adjustment: the physical manifestation of love. The adjustment helps clear the way for love to take root in people’s hearts and to flourish. It brings people closer to the realization of their gifts, their dreams, and their love. When enough people are touched in that way, and then are touched by the power of love in our intentions, what could we not achieve? Only that which we choose not to achieve. So, it comes down, as always, to a choice. Complain or speak our truth? Whine or do the work to give ourselves away? Blame or take responsibility for our part in the show? Every day I see the world changing as I change. If only I could get the weather to change.

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