Chiropractic Care Brings Greater Satisfaction to Military

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

On Sunday, November 26, 2000, the Associated Press reported with a news wire that read “Law gives chiropractic care option to military.” The article appeared in the Sunday edition of the Killeen Daily Herald, a newspaper of central Texas.

According to the article, thanks to recent legislation passed by Congress, active-duty U.S. military members in Killeen, Texas, will soon no longer have to pay for chiropractic care out of pocket.

The article states that the passed legislation “mandates that chiropractic care be made available to all active-duty personnel in the United States armed forces” and was signed by President Bill Clinton, according to the article.

The bill was based on a mandated study conducted on various United States military installations, which according to the article, “showed higher levels of patient satisfaction with chiropractic care vs. traditional medical care.”

According to the article, the government study discovered “superior outcomes and fewer hospital stays for patients receiving chiropractic care vs. traditional medical care, both of which proved to enhance military readiness.”

According to the article, the full implementation of providing chiropractic care to the U.S. military will be “phased in” during the next 5 years. @ 7:26 am | Article ID: 975425217