Serving one chiropractic patient after another

By Dr. Sharon Gorman

I heard a speaker last week at Life Source talking about a prayer he says in the morning. He asks God to send him all the people he can help. It struck me and I’ve been thinking about the simplicity of the request ever since. I tend to make things complicated and that little prayer is so simple. I am here to serve. I am here to help. I have often asked God to keep me busy while I am in the office. More than I ask for a number of patients I ask God to have me stay in the game. I want to be interacting. When there are no patients in the office I feel like God is giving me a time out. I want to be in the game. I want to feel like I’m being used to my capacity. When I think about it even though it sounds pretty noble to want to serve at your capacity there is definitely a selfish component to that request. It feels so good to work. It feels so good to serve. It also strokes my ego to know that I am successful. That’s not all bad. There has to be an exchange or I won’t want to keep playing. I love how it feels to be serving one patient after another during my office hours.

I love that I know how to help people. I know how to run a business. I know how to hire and encourage a support staff. I know how to locate the patient’s Subluxations. I know how to deliver an adjustment. I know how to explain it in a way that they follow through on my recommendations. I know how to present Chiropractic in such a way that they usually want to bring the rest on their family to my office. All this know how keeps them coming back. God does the healing, I set the stage. I move the bone and God does the healing. I ask him to “send me all the people I can help.” When it is done right, my innate contacts their innate. I reduce the interference and they are “helped”. They benefit and I benefit too. I can’t out give the spirit.

Then I thought about the prayer a little more and I added something to it for myself. Not only do I pray for God to bring all the people to me that I can help I added that I want God to bring to me all the people who can help me. All the patients help me. People come to me not because they need me. They might need a Chiropractor but the reason they come to me is because I have a need to serve and they are attracted to that availability. They come to me because I need them.

Another thought along the same lines is the old saying “when the student is ready the teacher appears.” My patients are my teachers, so are my staff, my husband, my kids, my friends and my fellow Chiropractors. I learn lots from people I least expect to. Some of those lessons have hurt. Yet they were all appropriate and part of what I needed to get where I am now. I don’t know who is going to teach me next. I don’t know who I will need next. I don’t have to know. I just have to keep showing up and making sure that I am in fit spiritual condition. The rest unfolds. There is a God and I am not him. I am teachable. I am coachable. I am learning to learn and grow and be vulnerable. I let people close enough to me so that they can help me and contribute to me.


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