Focus (a Monday morning message)

By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

When I am with a patient I have to discipline my mind to stay with that patient. My mind often starts to wander. Sometimes it happens before I know it. When it happens I need to come back. It takes discipline. I can’t beat myself up for it happening I need to decide to make a quick correction and come back.

I think that the adjustment is an innate connection. My hands are touching their spine. My hands are physical, their spine is physical but the connection is innate. Just like I explain to my kids that the band aid doesn’t heal the cut the thrust alone does not create the change. It’s the life. It’s the innate. I need to stay connected with that God within me to create a situation where healing is going to occur. I’m sure that this isn’t the only way that it works yet this is the way it works for me. After I use my educated to do what my educated can do I need to get my educated out of the way. I need to be thought through. I need to move the bone a let God do the healing. I need never to take credit for when the patient gets well unless I am willing to take “blame” when the patient doesn’t get the symptomatic changes that they are desiring. I do take credit for creating an environment in which people are choosing to get adjusted and I take credit for being able to deliver an adjustment that I am satisfied with. It is a relief. Just like in my life I know that I am responsible for the decisions and actions that I take yet I am not responsible for how other people react towards them. It is my responsibility to stay as clear as I can so that I can make sane and rational decisions and fit both spiritually, emotionally and physically to deliver the actions that I feel are appropriate. That’s as far as it goes.

Sometimes I get angry and resentful when things don’t turn out the way that I want to and I have come to realize it is because I have set myself up by creating expectations of God and the world that maybe haven’t turned out the way that I wanted them to. When I feel this disappointment I have to realize that it is time to pull back and remember that there is a God and I’m not him/her. I need to realize that if I get stuck worrying about those “effects” I will become less effective to deliver the attitudes and actions that I feel is my responsibility to the people around me. I can use this as an excuse to lose my focus and it clogs up my head with negativity. It takes discipline to decide where and when I am going to allow my thoughts to wander to.

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