Focus Philosophy Meetings Back in Bartonsville This Fall

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

They’re bigger, they’re better, and they are back, the dynamically fantastic focus philosophy events put on by chiropractor Sharon Gorman begin their fall series on Saturday, September 6 in Bartonsville Pennsylvania. Dr. Gorman continues to rock Pennsylvania in both practice and motivation of her fellow chiropractors. The fall schedule promises to be a philosophically packed series, all taking place at the Howard Johnson Hotel on Route 611.

Pennsylvania Chiropractor Sharon Gorman(photo: Chiropractor Sharon Gorman at a New Beginnings conference in Eatontown New Jersey. Chiropractor Bob Tarantino and his wife Evelyn are in the background)

The first Focus Philosophy meeting will be held on Saturday, September 6, 2008. The event features Dr. Sharon Gorman (How To Get Em) and Westside Manhattan chiropractor Dr. Jay Handt (How To Keep Em).

Howard Johnson Hotel
Route 611 Bartonsville, PA (exit 302 off I-80)
(570) 424-6100 for Reservations (ask for Focus Rate)
Contact Sharon Gorman at (570) 350-4091

You can’t beat the pricing for these focus chiropractic events, suggested fee is the price of one office visit. A hat will get passed around to cover program expenses. Focus events are sponsored by the Chiropractic Fellowship of Pennsylvania.

Other Focus Events being featured this fall include October 4 with Dr. Steve Judson, November 1 with Dr. Skip George, and December 6 with Dr. Patti Giuliano.

We’ve written many times before on the importance of chiropractic fellowship. Whether that fellowship comes in the shape of small local meet ups, or rock ‘n roll packed house events is not important, what is important is that Chiropractors, family, and staff are gathering together on a consistent basis.

There is the Focus Philosophy group in Pennsylvania, New Beginnings in Eatontown New Jersey, Saturday Night Live throughout the state of Florida, DCS in Newport Beach California, and many other events taking place at a hotel or chiropractor’s office near you.

Are you getting the chiropractic experience in your neck of the woods? If not, why not? Are you waiting for someone to take action and get something started? Chiropractors like Sharon Gorman don’t wait for others, they move forward and blaze new paths. Having a Sharon Gorman practicing chiropractic in every city in America would be a fine solution, but don’t expect that to happen anytime soon.

Let’s get something started in your community. Need help? Let us know. Even the smallest of chiropractic events are welcome to be posted free of charge, and there are dozens of other ways to get the word out.

So whether you’re planning to host events for several thousand chiropractors or are seeking to gather a group of three or more together on a regular basis, get on with it and get moving. Chances are someone near you is ready to get involved once you pick up the torch and start running. @ 9:25 pm | Article ID: 1219897570