Meet a Chiropractor – Ruminder Birk of Vaughan

By Daria Belov

North of Toronto Canada is the city of Vaughan. Sometimes referred to as “The city above Toronto,” Vaughan is part of the greater Toronto area and its population has been growing rapidly since the early 1990s, making it one of southern Ontario’s fastest-growing cities. More people has meant more traffic on highways 400 and 7, which will both get you to Interchange Way and the chiropractic practice of Dr. Ruminder Birk.

I interviewed Dr. Birk about his chiropractic practice (located inside Extreme Fitness) and becoming a chiropractor. It’s my pleasure to introduce you to the chiropractor above Toronto, Dr. Ruminder S. Birk.

Ruminder Birk of Vaughan Ontario, CanadaDr. Ruminder S. Birk
Atlantis Chiropractic and Wellness
90 Interchange Way, Vaughan, Ontario, Canada L4K 5C3
(905) 532-0684

PC: Thanks for joining us for this interview Dr. Birk. One could assume that you attended chiropractic school in Canada but I understand lots of chiropractors in the area attend chiropractic school in the United States, was that the case for you?

RB: Although I am Canadian and had the opportunity of attending the Canadian chiropractic college I decided on leaving the country and attending Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, California. I’m glad I did because the hands on and scholastic education prepared me exceptionally well to give the best chiropractic service to my patients.

PC: Life West is known for teaching a number of effective chiropractic techniques, do you utilize the techniques taught there or have you focused on one technique in particular?

RB: Our practice uses several safe and gentle techniques including activator, SOT, drop table and diversified technique.

PC: Being located in a gym I’d expect a lot of fitness minded individuals would be coming to your practice. Is there an office focus on fitness or any other specialties?

RB: Our office specializes in family wellness care as well as motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries and work related injuries.

PC: Does your practice provide any services in the office besides chiropractic adjustments?

RB: We have onsite computerized gait analysis for custom orthotics, nutritional supplements, low intensity laser therapy (LILT) and registered massage therapy.

PC: Health care and health-care benefits in Canada differ from those in the United States, what methods of payment are available for those people coming to your practice?

RB: We deal with all extended health care benefit providers, car insurance/ attorneys for car accident patients, WSIB as well as affordable cash plans for those who are self employed or do not have benefits.

PC: What can you tell us about your location and what’s outside your office?

RB: We are conveniently located at the corner of Highway 400 and Highway 7 next to Dave and Busters (Great food and big fun served up by the friendliest people in town), Ikea and the AMC theaters.

PC: So there’s a great place to get adjusted, the great location for a workout, a chance to relax and enjoy the latest hottest movie, and you can grab some flat pack furniture and accessories for the trip home. Sounds like a terrific setting. Tell us, how did you get introduced to chiropractic?

RB: Like most students, when I was in University, I wasn’t exactly sure which field I wanted to go into, except that I wanted to do something that would allow me to help people. One day I was with a good friend and his mother on our way to school when she said she had to stop off somewhere, to see a chiropractor who she went regularly to for relief from migraines. To be honest I was a bit skeptical and didn’t think it was something I needed.

RB: Then one day on my way to school again, it hit me. Literally! I was parked at a light when I was struck from behind by a truck going 50 kilometers an hour! The next morning I woke up with excruciating neck pain from whiplash and thought of my earlier visit with the chiropractor. Well, to make a long story short, I ended up going to him. He did a thorough exam, took some films, and then “adjusted” my spine. The adjustment didn’t hurt, it actually felt good. I got immediate relief and my neck healed within three months. It worked so well that I went to Chiropractic school myself.

PC: Quite a dramatic way to be introduced to a profession. Are the any other members of your family that are chiropractors?

RB: Chiropractic has been such a blessing in my life that I have encouraged several others to begin school. Currently my younger cousin is in his first years studies at Life West Chiropractic College and he plans on joining me in practice when he has completed his studies.

PC: If a patient, friend or family member asked, are there any specific chiropractic schools you would recommend they attend?

RB: Based on my experience I would highly recommend Life West Chiropractic College. I also recommend Life University in Atlanta, GA and the original Chiropractic College Palmer in Davenport, IA.

PC: What is the Vaughan area like?

RB: In my practice, a very commonly asked question is “so why did you leave sunny California to come back to the dreary winters of Canada?” The reason is because I love being Canadian, the warm people make up for any cold days. Multiculturalism is encouraged in this country and that’s what makes it so great. Also, I feel family and friends are very important and that was the driving force in my returning. Besides I grew up in the extreme winters of Winnipeg, Manitoba. The Toronto area is tropical compared to that!

PC: Are you actively involved in any community activities?

RB: I am an active member of the Sikh community here in the Greater Toronto area and enjoy the many cultural events that this area is known for.

PC: What is your chiropractic office like?

RB: Our office is located in a busy Extreme Fitness location with plenty of free parking and full wheelchair accessibility. We feel the best characteristic of our office is the wonderful environment, from the friendly staff, to the constantly uplifting decorations, posters and motivational sayings, the amazing artwork of our little patients and the upbeat music piping through the office rooms.

PC: When a local TV news crew walks in your front door and the reporter asks “what is it that you do here?” your reply is?

RB: We are saving lives one spine at a time!

PC: Thanks for joining us for this interview Dr. Birk. I am listing your address and phone number again for those that may want to contact you about visiting your office. Dr. Ruminder S. Birk – Atlantis Chiropractic and Wellness – 90 Interchange Way, Vaughan, Ontario, Canada L4K 5C3 (905) 532-0684 @ 11:46 am | Article ID: 1219949235