Focus Philosophy Meetings Back in Bartonsville This Fall

They’re bigger, they’re better, and they are back, the dynamically fantastic focus philosophy events put on by chiropractor Sharon Gorman begin their fall series on Saturday, September 6 in Bartonsville Pennsylvania. Dr. Gorman continues to rock Pennsylvania in both practice and motivation of her fellow chiropractors. The fall schedule promises to be a philosophically packed series, all taking place at the Howard Johnson Hotel on Route 611.

Chiropractors CORE and FOCUS February and March

Fresh off the thunderous DCS chiropractic event in Orange County this past weekend, is news of two grassroots chiropractor meet ups, one in California and the other in Pennsylvania. The California Chiropractors on the Road to Excellence (CORE) is hosting an event on February 24, and FOCUS Chiropractic Philosophy is hosting its winter weekend on March 12th.

Focus on Chiropractic Fellowship

An e-mail from one of my favorite chiropractors practicing in Pennsylvania provided a reminder that chiropractors can’t focus enough on building relationships with one another and developing interprofessional fellowship activities and events. Chiropractors from Pennsylvania, Michigan, Florida, New York, New Jersey, and most recently California, often times host meetups and other related gatherings, so that chiropractors can get together and discuss the things they have in common.

Doctor Gorman Wants You Focused on Chiropractic

Chiropractic philosophy events are nothing new in the Pennsylvania area and Dr. Sharon Gorman wants to make sure chiropractors are getting a chance to fellowship regularly. There was an email in my inbox today regarding an event coming up next week, and while I cannot attend, it motivated me to dig into some Sharon Gorman articles and messages from the past.