Proud to be a Chiropractor

By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

This article is intended for doctors of chiropractic. It is of a philosophical nature and comes from the many “Monday Morning Messages” that Dr. Sharon has shared over the years.

I was checking my luggage in curb side a little while ago before I got on the plane home from Atlanta, Georgia. The gentleman who was helping me was especially friendly and seemed efficient. I handed him a tip and he stopped and stared at me for a second. Then I said thanks and was about to walk away and he was still looking in my eyes. I smiled and looked away and he then said that he never got a tip from a doctor before. I thought that was very odd and I wondered how he knew I was a doctor. As I walked away I remembered my luggage tag says Dr. Sharon Gorman on it. I turned to go back because I wanted to correct him because I figured that he assumed I am a Medical Doctor and I didn’t want to mislead him. He was on to the next customer so I turned again and walked away. I think that Medical Doctors definitely have their place and for the most part are living dedicated lives based on a different mission and philosophy than my own yet I certainly don’t look down on them (or hopefully anyone) but I don’t want to people to think that I am one. Perception is a funny thing because most people dream that their kids grow up to be Medical Doctors.

My life is about being different and celebrating that difference and sharing with people this different lifestyle I have chosen to live called Chiropractic. I spend my time trying to instigate a paradigm shift in people’s relationship with their bodies and their health. Most of what I focus on in my practice is education or maybe I should call it re-education. Technique is important but after almost 20 years of practice I don’t find removing subluxations a real challenge. Having people understand why I adjust them and how often I think they should get adjusted is the real challenge. I love a challenge. I accept that challenge. I also accept people where they are at too. I have patients who “Don’t have a clue” about Chiropractic yet I feel very privileged to have the opportunity to take care of them too.

I am proud of our fish peddler founder. I am proud of the legacy of men and women who developed our techniques and mastered our philosophy. I am proud of the researchers. I am proud of the people who have taught us how to deliver the goods to the world and how to be successful. I am proud to know that tomorrow morning when I lean over the adjusting tables to do the deal and to remove the interference that there are thousands and thousands of you out there doing the same. Thanks. I am proud of you. I am proud to be one of many. I am proud to be a chiropractor.

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