Will Chiropractic Take Over Taiwan Healthcare System

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Some medical doctors in Taiwan are not happy with a proposed legislation that will allow foreign educated doctors of chiropractic to practice legally in Taiwan.

Medical Doctors are afraid of losing money, and when doctors get the fear, they go on the attack. Doctors are using the same old worn excuses they have tried for years in other countries. It’s easy to see there is no merit to their arguments, nothing but ignorance and fear. Good medical doctors are too busy taking care of patients to be involved in such activities. It’s the lack of self esteem, “someone is stealing my money”, “someone is stealing my patients”, doctors that typically go on attack.

Public officials this week said that the chiropractic bill has the backing of numerous lawmakers who claim that it is ultimately in the best interests of public health. Medical doctors think the bill is unfair (to them). In Taiwan, medical doctors are allowed to practice spinal manipulation. A licensed, experienced, and well educated, doctor of chiropractic would drive a nail right through the heart of any manipulative MD spinal practice. Get a DC that is passionate about what they do and you may put a whole town of MD chiro wanna be’s out of business. Don’t let medical doctors fool you, chiropractors are vastly superior in their field of education. Chiropractors are better at what they do and they are the only ones who detect and correct vertebral subluxation. While it may not be fair to MD’s, it is in the best interest of public health.

Some medical doctors say letting licensed, experienced, and well educated, doctors of chiropractic practice in Taiwan would be hazardous to public health. Really? Do Medical doctors who have no chiropractic education whatsoever think it is OK for them to thump on the spine in a hoping something will happen approach? That IS a public health hazard and that is the current model practiced by many a chiro wanna be MD.

I read a related Taiwan news article in which a Medical doctor stated, “the term ‘medical doctor’ strictly refers to physicians of traditional Chinese and western medicine, and dentists.” I could not agree more. Medical doctors practice medicine, chiropractors practice chiropractic. The term “Doctor of Chiropractic” strictly refers to… Chiropractors.

Chiropractors do not go to medical school. Medical doctors do not go to chiropractic school. If they do they get DC MD degrees or MD DC degrees. Each has specific fields of study that are unique. Both fields of education are extremely rigorous. Watch out for medical doctors that make believe they know chiropractic. If they have no formal chiropractic education, they are simply full of it.

According to the bill proposal doctors of chiropractic would be allowed to perform radiological procedures on their patients. The secretary general of the Chinese Association of Radiological Technologists stated that “chiropractors have never been trained in radiology exams and on procedures such as X-ray and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).” This is a good example of someone who could use a proctologist because his head is in the wrong place. Here is an interesting point that a fearful, afraid of losing business medical doctor will never tell you… The radiology portion of typical chiropractic curriculum will span over four or five quarters of schooling. Radiographic Anatomy, X-ray Physics and Principles, Radiographic Interpretation and two or more diagnostic imaging courses including classroom and lab work in radiographic technology positioning are standards in chiropractic education. Sounds to me like the secretary general wants DCs to have to take an additional exam (e$am) so that association can collect some funds. That is typically the case.

Kuomintang Flag - Chinese Nationalist PartyThe Kuomintang (Chinese Nationalist Party) Legislator believes that the introduction of chiropractic practice in Taiwan would be beneficial to the public, in view of the increasingly high demand for the service. Well educated chiropractors would be better suited for that role than non-chiropractic educated doctors. The Kuomintang Legislator summed up the actions of those opposed to chiropractors in Taiwan best… “fear of losing business.” In a Taiwan article the legislator stated, “By definition doctors are people who save lives and that’s exactly what chiropractors do.”

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