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CREW 2004 Chiropractic Mission Interviews

by Michael Dorausch, D.C.

CREW (Chiropractors Restoring Energy Worldwide) successfully completed their 10th worldwide chiropractic mission this past week.

This was the 9th mission to the country of Panama, a most popular location for CREW chiropractic missions, since the group was founded in 1997 by Lina and Dr. Luis Ocon. Twenty-six chiropractors from around the globe gathered on this mission that humbly served the people of Panama. Chiropractors provided upper cervical chiropractic adjustments in locations in and around Panama City, Panama, from February 1st to the 7th.

2004 panama mission chiropractors

Chiropractors provided care in banks, hospitals, medical clinics, the Canal zone, civic gymnasiums, government properties, office buildings, and pretty much any place that was large enough to accommodate the groups of people that turned out to receive free chiropractic care.

More than one million chiropractic adjustments have been provided to the people of Panama since the missions began back in 1997.

I recorded several interviews with chiropractors during the trip, and have converted the recordings to mp3 so you can listen to them here.

Interview 1

Interview 2

Interview 3

Audio will also be transcribed and a link provided as well.


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