Study Links Vaccine to Autism

by Dr. Martha Collins

US Researcher calls preservative used in annual flu shot a “smoking gun”

This was the headline that screamed across the front of the National Post today. You could well imagine my tears of joy upon reading this, especially after the phenomenally biased Marketplace program. Scientists have found a link between thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative once commonly used in childhood vaccines, to an increased risk of neurological disorders such as autism and ADHD. In Canada, thimerosal was removed from vaccines, with the exception of the Hepatitis B vaccine and the annual flu shot. There is 2 micrograms of thimerosal in each dose of the influenza shot.

From the National Post:
In tests on human brain cells, researchers found two natural chemicals–one compound that stimulates cell growth and also dopamine, which transmits nerve signals–are key to a process in the brain called methylation. Methylation helps DNA work properly and is crucial to the normal development of the brain. The team found thimerosal, ethanol and mercury all interfere with methylation. What’s more, thimerosal not only did so in amounts typically found after a child is vaccinated, but even at doses 100 times lower than a child would receive after a single shot with a thimerosal-containing vaccine. “It was by far the most potent,” says investigator Dr. Richard Deth, a professor of pharmacology at Northeastern University in Boston. “Some would consider (thimerosal) a smoking gun,” he said. “I think it is.”

He said the study, which also involved researchers from Johns Hopkins University, the University of Nebraska and Tufts University in Boston, could account for the rising rates of autism since the early 1980s when more thimerosal-containing shots were added to a child’s vaccine schedule. A recent review of vaccine-related “adverse events” in the U.S. found a “significant correlation” between shots containing thimerosal and autism, the researchers report.

Dr. Deth’s research shows there is a link between the one out of 200 children who will experience some kind of developmental disorder. Before the early 90s, most causes of autism were believed to have a strong genetic component, and symptoms surfaced soon after the child was born. But a newer, more common, form of the disease is known as regressive autism, in which children appear to be developing normally, but then suddenly regress. “They lose functions they had before, such as early speech,” Dr. Deth says. “Parental anecdotes and clinical reports have suggested it happened during periods of high vaccine exposure.”

This study confirms what we have known for years. It was the parental anecdotes and clinical reports that initially alerted us to the dangers of this vaccine additive. What was even more frustrating was that parents who had healthy children who were meeting their developmental milestones prior to having a vaccine were readily dismissed and told that “it couldn’t be the vaccine.” How heartbreaking, but now these parents are getting some answers. This research quite clearly also demonstrates why we were seeing so many people reacting to the flu shot this winter–because it contains mercury, a known neurotoxin. This we knew from the information contained on the website of the vaccine manufacturer, but, of course, this was edited out of the Marketplace program to suit the agenda that they had about the topic of the show even before they arrived.

Please make an informed decision about ANY chemical that goes into your body, whether it is a drug or a vaccine. Do your homework; look for ways to be well before you get sick. As we’ve said before, the paradigm of better health through better chemistry has failed, and we need to consider what we can all do on a daily basis to increase our health, boost our immune function, and keep us strong, and able to stay ahead of dis-ease and disease. Get your exercise, eat well, drink 10 glasses of water a day, get regular adjustments and stay healthy (and not just out of pain).

I used to think that our family was our most important possession, but over the years, through your help, I’ve changed my mind and come to a greater realization. We have the honour to adjust so many families and multiple generations of families on a regular basis. We have seen first-hand what happens to a family when one member loses their health and becomes ill. Our health is the most important asset we can give our family, because when we’re healthy and vibrant and have vitality, that’s when we can contribute the most to the family we so dearly love.

Until Next Time, Be Well and Do Your Homework!
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